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Vets to take care of your pet in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

A few weeks ago we offered you information about emergency numbers in Barcelona in case you have to dial them. But what if you have a health emergency with your pet? In this article, we provide references to veterinary centers in Barcelona where you can go if your pet has a health problem, but also to make other purchases related to your animal. Some places also offer hairdressing services and sell animals. ShBarcelona recommends those centers to take care of your pet. You have to be very careful which veterinary center you choose. Because even though most are legit, it is possible that in case of  an unexpected emergency following an intervention, for instance, some will be more responsive than others.

mister guauMister Guau: this franchise has several stores in Barcelona and offer a wide variety of items for your pet as well as veterinary services, hairdressing and selling animals of many species. They have a consolidated 20 years history within the industry and are well-known shops in Barcelona by the social commitment they have made and show it through advice, videos and similar initiatives  on their website (find the closest Mister Guau).

Montjuïc Veterinary Hospital: This hospital provides veterinary services of high quality and high technical and scientific level in excellent facilities. They have 24-hour emergency, clinical laboratory, public hospital, blood bank, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, hydrotherapy in a pool, dog grooming, and even a pet cafe and a shop (Mexico Street, 30 – Tel +34 93 423 77 11).

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CafeteriaCanBCN1Diagonal Veterinary Clinic: This clinic is open 24 hours and offers emergency service for your pet as well as a hair salon and a shop full of items for you to find what you are looking for. The facilities are very modern and staff are highly trained to handle any medical situation with a lot of empathy for your pet (Avenida Diagonal, 237- Tel.932 460 805).

Barcelona Veterinary Clinic: This veterinary clinic was opened in 2007 and offers veterinarian services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You can get treatments for your pet in any medical field, with the possibility of hospitalization, vaccination, hairdresser, and a store to buy things for them as well (Barcelona Highway, 40, Viladecans – Tel. 93 647 43 97).

vet barcelonaSagrada Familia Veterinary Clinic provides medical and surgical treatments of high quality. They specialize in various interventions related to orthopedic and traumatology as well as in spine surgery and the application of medical bio-regenerative treatments. They also investigate the growth factors, the application of stem cells and cancer treatments available for your pet (Córcega Street, 537- Tel. 934 358 867).

Looking for a new apartment to move into with your pet? ShBarcelona has a number of pet-friendly options available for you.

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