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Barcelona Diving: Buying The Essentials And Learning How To Dive

Written by Brian S

The Costa Brava – literally “rough coast” in Spanish – is one of the best diving destinations in Spain and the whole of Europe. Stretching from the small Catalan town of Blanes to the French border, this is an area not to miss when looking at beaches and for those interested in diving. When Spain opened up their markets for tourism in the 1950s, they recognized Costa Brava as a top holiday destination for their beaches, climate, and comfort away from the bustling cities. Today, many tourism companies and diving businesses from Barcelona offer these on-the-ocean getaways, where tourists can swim and explore under the sea. Here are a few stores and companies that sell diving gear, as well as give tours and classes on how to scuba dive appropriately along Spain’s beautiful coast.

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BCN Diving

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In BCN Diving, both amateurs and professionals can meet to dive into different diving sites, including Lloret de Mar, Palamos, and L’ Escala. They have courses for those interested in scuba diving, open water diving, and advanced specialty diving. In addition – and this is very useful and important – they also have courses in emergency training and diving stress & rescue. Their classes give a different kind of experience that unites people to learn the importance of communication and teamwork, above and below the surface.

Badal Sub

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For 15 years, Badal Sub has specialized in selling diving and underwater fishing gear. They have the most notable brands at very affordable prices. Badal Sub is made up of diving specialists who give courses of all levels, year-round. They make weekly departures to the Costa Brava with the diving group, Club Car Carman. They are always prepared and planned ahead for different trips with their clients. Ideal for private getaways tailored to dive at some of the best places along the coast that are the best in the world, let alone the Mediterranean.

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Casco Antiguo

Since 1975, Casco Antiguo has been at the forefront of Spain’s commercial diving business for both recreation and professional exploration. They work beyond swimming, but also with photography, video, spearfishing, and even triathlon preparation. They have 10 stores in Europe (including Barcelona) and 4 in the United States, selling the finest brands on the market that is all about diving. The 40+ years of experience they have been involved in professional diving shows their devotion to the profession for anyone who is interested. These businesses provide to tourists and expats a route to get involved in a highly popular water activity that happens all over the world. We are interested in what lies below the ocean’s surface and right off the coast. In Spain, there is nothing but beauty along its waters and the beaches that come along with it makes it a popular place for visitors to flock to from the cities. So, if planning to go to Costa Brava for a unique diving experience, consider one of these companies mentioned above to enhance that moment of looking at Spain’s own conquering waters.

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