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Where to store your luggage per hours in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

Sometimes, when you pull up to a city or when you leave to go to another destination or coming back home, you need to do things before arriving at your accommodation or once you’ve packed up and you’re gone, but you don’t want to carry your heavy luggage around Barcelona.

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If you stay at one of our ShBarcelona’s rental apartments, you might find yourself in this situation, and therefore, we want to offer some of the possibilities you have to solve it with ease and without having to walk long distances carrying your suitcases.

Luggage for hours in Barcelona

Keep your luggage in a locker is often the most feasible option, is paid per hours and any size of bag you want to leave fits an option. To find them just ask for the “consigna” or find the icon with a suitcase or a bag. Note that if you leave your luggage in a locker longer than you thought you should pay extra, and if you lose the key, you will add a replacement rate of about 9€.

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With LuggageHero, you can choose from more than 80 locations found in local shops throughout Barcelona. Each shop is verified, each bag receives a safety seal, and all luggage and its contents are insured for €2500. Prices start at €1 per hour, with no cancellation fee.


Where to keep you luggage safe in Barcelona?

Airport left-luggage office: if you are spending a long term in Barcelona this left-luggage office isn’t a good option since El Prat airport is quite far from the city and you can not scroll to pick up or leave your bags quickly from one point or another.

Anyway, it always is a feasible option if your plane arrives or you are traveling from the airport. This left-luggage office is located in the lower level of La Plaza at the T1 terminal, it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and you can leave luggage in a small, medium or large locker for 4.50 €/day, 5.10 €/day and 5.80 €/day, respectively. They also have a store service if you want to leave bulky items.

Another option is to choose the Vertoe lockers.  You can find safe and verified luggage storage spaces within short distances from your preferred locations.

All you have to do is, visit the Vertoe website and type the name of the location where you need a luggage storage space. Like El Prat International Airport or Sants Train Station. Then click “Find locations” to see numerous options that show up on the screen. Click on the one that suits you the most and reserve the space. On Vertoe’s web page you’ll find more information, about where to store your luggage in Barcelona, click here

Visit the location and drop off your bags without any worry in mind. Added to the ease of finding locations, the price of Vertoe starts at Euro 5.95/day/item. Also, your baggage gets insurance coverage up to $5000 as a means of additional security. You can simply drop off your bags and pick them up later at any Vertoe location. 

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Sants-estación (the main train station in Barcelona): leaving luggage at Sants station, in the district of Sants-Montjuïc in Barcelona, is a very common option among temporary Barcelona visitors or for those who need to keep their bags for several hours in a place. From this station, you can catch a train to get to the airport and also is well connected with all public transport in Barcelona.

The left-luggage office is located inside the station next to the McDonald’s and is guarded 24 hours a day, but you can only access it between 5.30am and 11pm, when the station is open to the public. It offers a choice between large locker for 4.50 €/day, and small locker for 3 €/day.

Estación del Nord: if you arrive or go by bus maybe you should leave your luggage in the left-luggage office of this station, which is located on the opposite side, inside the bus outside area. If you are staying in an apartment close to the Nord station, perhaps is also a good option to move around comfortably leave your bags in their lockers. Three sizes are available: small locker (3.50 €/day), large locker (5.40 €/day) and tall equipment lockers (5.50 €/day to leave skis, for example).

There are other places to leave your luggage in the center of Barcelona like Locker Barcelona if you need to move through that area of the city and get rid of the weight of your luggage for a few hours. For more information see their website.

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