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International cuisine

Best Chinese Restaurants in Barcelona

Written by Ashley B

My boyfriend is a special fried rice, dumpling, and noodles fanatic. A month after arriving in Barcelona, his itch to eat some sort of Asian cuisine began. Every time someone mentioned eating out, he requested Chinese. Finally, I gave in. I told him to look up a place we could go eat that wasn’t too far from our flat. He picked a restaurant in the Eixample area. It was not up to my standards, at all. At this moment, I realized I had to write a blog about this. I can only imagine how many people have googled Chinese restaurant in Barcelona, seen four-star review, walked into the restaurant and realized they should not have trusted their source.

After some extensive research and some trial-and-error, here are my personally recommended top 5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Barcelona.

Mian bar and restaurant

Photo credit: Chashitsu_LaSere via / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: Chashitsu_LaSere via / CC BY-NC-SA

Mian Bar and restaurant offers a great ambiance to meet with friends and family. They serve dim sum, which stands for stands for tapas, a tradition that the Chinese share with the Spanish. These authentic Chinese delights are handmade and very often presented within a bamboo steamer. Like tapas, they are meant for sharing. This restaurant offers authentic and fresh Chinese food every day. It’s urban and simplistic interior design give off a cheerful vibe to enjoy your food.

Location: Carrer Girona 49
Menu: €6-20

Melo- Jia

Melo derives from Mr. Melo pronunciation of his Chinese name Tao, which in Spanish sounds like melocoton. Mr. Melo has spent his 34-years dedicated to his passion for cooking. Through Melo-Jia, he has implemented traditional Chinese cooking style Ying-Yang. A balanced technique that  incorporates the Ying, which uses tender water rich products such as veggies. The Yang incorporates spiced and meat based ingredients to create a perfectly whole dish. Mr. Melo understands the importance of fresh and healthy food. Because of this, he incorporates this idea into every aspect of his restaurant. Melo-Jia is the perfect combination of classy, inexpensive and top-quality food.

Location: Calle Còrsega, 250
Menu: € 6-15

Panda to Home

Panda to home is a quaint, and chic restaurant. It offers amazing food for great prices. A great place for groups of friends and family who are looking to enjoy a casual night of fresh and quality Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine. It also has exquisite desserts. You can also order take out or reserve a table in this unique Chinese restaurant.

Location: Carrer Diputació, 88
Menu: €9,5

Rio Dragon

Photo credit: Stewart via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Photo credit: Stewart via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Expect to have a truly unique experience when walking into Rio Dragon. It is not your average Chinese restaurant. The chef, Mago Gang, which stands for Magician Gang, has created an unforgettable ambiance with quality fresh Chinese food. Many locals rave about the great food and amazing time they had with Mago Gang and his family. Definitely, one to check out.

Location: Carrer de l’Oblit 3
Menu: € 20-40

FAN – Shoronpo Japanese Ramen

The colorful dishes at FAN – Shoronpo Japanese Ramen are simply amazing. Known for their house specialty ramen noodles this Japanese restaurant has quickly become a Barcelona local favorite. Since they opened last years they are notorious for their out-the-door lines of locals waiting to be seated. It’s anime decorations and simple interior design is home to authentic Japanese noodles and dumplings. You can also enjoy some sun rays on their outdoor terrace.

Location: C/Seneca, 28,
Menu: €15-20

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About the author

Ashley B

Originally from the United States of America, Ashley Bravo currently lives in Barcelona. She graduated with a Marketing degree from the University of Central Florida. She loves to write, take pictures, and record and edit videos.

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