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UDON: great Asian noodles in Barcelona

Written by Paula

If you are a fan of Asian food and you live in Barcelona, chances are you have already walked past a UDON or even already had a meal in one. UDON is a chain of bars and restaurants that specialize in Asian noodles. They opened their very first restaurant in Spain the beginning of 2004, introducing a concept that was until then, unknown in the country, despite having over 400 years of history in its country of origin, Japan. Today, they have over 40 restaurants all over Spain, offering a quick, casual dining experience while also offering balanced and nutritious meals.

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Why the focus on noodles?

Photo by Udon

UDON decided to focus on noodles because they represent a health-conscious choice in the world of fast food. Noodles are a good source of carbohydrates that are easily used up by the body in the production of energy, which is reflected in the health of the Japanese people who consume noodle very frequently in their diets.

To help make their meals even healthier, UDON uses only the best and freshest ingredients, also betting on produce that have been grown using ecologic methods and which don’t have to be brought from very far.

Every meal at UDON is prepared on the spot, to guarantee the best taste and nutritional value.

A peek at UDON’s menu

Photo by Udon

UDON has a large menu composed of various delicious Asian items, including Pork Yakisoba, with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, chasu, yakisoba salsa and flour chips; Vegetable Tempura; Karee Gyudon, with yellow curry rice, beef, onion, carrots, dashi and onions; Miso Ramen, with chicken broth made with soy and miso, slices of marinated pork, seaweed, wakame, soft boiled marinated eggs, nori, and onions; and Chicken Thai Fingers with semi-spicy sauce.

Some of their dishes are only available at the restaurants while others can be ordered over the phone for home delivery. You can also use the UDON app to make your order and pay. You will receive your food at the address you provide them with, roughly about 45 minutes after the order.

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Where to find UDON in Barcelona?

UDON is a very popular Asian food chain in Spain and it has many locations in Barcelona. You can find it at Diagonal Mar mall, Glòries mall, and Arenas de Barcelona mall, among other locations.

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