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Hofmann’s: How they are Slowly Taking over Barcelona

Hofmann’s: How they are Slowly Taking over Barcelona, and why we're not Complaining
Written by Olivia

Hofmann Restaurant is located in the “zona alta” of Barcelona in the Sarria-Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona. This refined establishment just received their first Michelin Star this year, and for those of you, like myself, who are aware but uncertain of what this feat means, I’ll break it down for you. The Michelin Guidebook was created to by the Michelin tire company to promote road tripping in France actually, but they have been reviewing restaurants with prestige and esteem since 1926. One Michelin Star means that it is worth a stop on a journey and that the food is of high standard and quality. The highest star a restaurant can achieve is three, and for a chef, that is the greatest accomplishment in their career. If this doesn’t depict an image for the quality of this establishment, on top of a Michelin Star, they offer pristine culinary courses, a tavern, a brand new terrace bar and restaurant and an exquisite bakery spread out through Barcelona!

The Restaurant: This restaurant ranges from about 45 to 70 euros, but if you can afford to save up for a wonderful dining experience, this place will not let you down. The delicious menu will leave you drooling from just reading it! Mey Hofmann, the owner and chef, has put her own twist on traditional Spanish and Catalan dishes, such as Gazpacho with cod and green apple, fideua, paella, and even duck. The ambience and service is one of class and elegance and that enhances the experience of eating gourmet Michelin cuisine. Carrer de la Granada del Penedès, 14 (Take the L6 or L7 to the Gracia FGC metro stop)

The Terrace (La Seca)

La Seca

La Seca

This terrace cafe is not only a perfect spot for having a coffee or vermouth in the summer, but also a more affordable option for dining. You can order the Menu del Dia for only 12€, which comes with first and second course, a dessert and a drink. The menu has a tapas feel, and the most expensive item on the menu is the Steak Tartar, costing 12€. My personal recommendation is the “Bocatto di cardinale” coca, which is a flatbread with rosemary, melted cheese, and jamón ibérico (7.90€). Calle Flassaders, 40 (Take L4 to the Jaume I metro stop and head towards Paseo del Born)

The Culinary School

This culinary school has a wide range of courses available for anyone to take: Pinchos and tapas, Japanese cuisine, pasta course by Marco Filipponi, ice cream course, and of course, pastry courses. You can also take classes like hostelry, professional cooking courses, hygiene and food handling courses, marketing and restaurant management, and even fully trained chef, which are all highly intensive and renowned courses. You can register for either particular courses and workshops or accredited intensive courses here Carrer de l’Argenteria, 74 (Take L4 to the Jaume I metro stop and head towards Paseo del Born)


The Tavern

Only opened in 2014, this stellar restaurant has already has created a wonderful reputation for itself. This tavern offers a dining experience that meets somewhere in the middle of La Seca and the Michelin Star restaurant, with prices that match it’s position in the 5-part dynamo that is Hofmann. Here you can order tapas, incredible meats paired perfectly with a wide selection of wines, traditional Catalan cuisine, wonderful homemade rustic bread, and delicate pastries and desserts coming right from their bakery. C/ Girona, 145 (Take L5 to the Verdaguer stop)

The Bakery

Storemade pastries.

Storemade pastries.

For starters, CAUTION: eating croissants here is a simultaneous curse and blessing. You may find yourself making strange noises you didn’t know you were capable of producing whilst eating pastries from this bakery. You can blame your taste buds for this; they are on the magical joy ride produced only by the Hofmann raspberry croissant. This actually changed my life, because when I arrived in Barcelona, ordering a café con leche with a dry, occasionally stale croissant was a surefire way to ruin my morning. Now that I have tasted the incredible pastries produced from this bakery, my taste buds are picky, pretentious, and tend to make hasty comparisons with Hofmann, and nothing ever lives up to the standard. The raspberry, mascarpone, and chocolate croissants are my favorites, costing a cheap 2€ a pop when considering the quality of the product. On top of all the croissant magnificence, they have a special flavor of the day Monday through Friday while the croissants last! (Located just a few doors down from The Terrace La Seca)

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Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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