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How to spend a fun day in Barcelona

Written by Paula

If there is one thing you can do in Barcelona is to have fun. Visiting museums and galleries, renting electric vehicles, trying extreme sports… the city offers an enormous number of activities to do, food to try and places to see.

Have some free time and don’t know what to do? Here is a suggestion of how to spend a fun day in Barcelona.

Morning: Go to the beach

Barcelona is a city with great weather, where it almost never rains. In winter or summer, the beaches of Barcelona are a great place to simply hang out and relax.

beachSome of the best beaches in the city are:

Barceloneta – Being the closest one to the center, the Barceloneta beach is usually the most crowded one. You will probably be approached by street vendors offering fresh drinks or beach items, which can come in handy in very hot days.

Nova Icària – This is the beach where most young people like to hang out. Due to its conditions, it is common to find people practicing water sports.

Mar Bella – Mar Bella is a nice, spacious beach with a section that is used for nudism.

Ocata – If you like calm, it may be a good idea to chose one of the beaches that are further from the center, like Ocata.

Lunch time: Eat at La Boqueria

La Boqueria is a fantastic world of colors and smells, where you can find just about anything to eat. Fresh fruit, empanadas, jamón con queso, bocatas and fried insects are some of the various choices offered by the market. Be sure to stop for a tasty fruit shake afterward to wash that locust taste off your mouth.

Afternoon: Visit Barcelona Bosc Urbà

jbBosc Urbà is an adventure park located in the middle of the city. Spend an afternoon away from the ground, hanging from zip lines, bungee jumping, climbing up nets and stepping on suspension bridges.

Night: Watch a live jazz show

Barcelona has a number of excellent jazz clubs where you can dine or have a drink while enjoying live music. Some of the most popular ones are Harlem Jazz Club in Comtessa de Sobradiel and Jamboree in Plaza Reial.

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