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Where to buy mugs in Barcelona

Written by Ana Petrusevski

If you are of Anglo descent then a “mug” can also be defined as an individual that is a fool. But in this case we are talking about the large cylindrical ceramic cup that holds your drink of ritual and comfort, whether that be tea or coffee.

A mug also frequently makes the list for souvenir or gift giving. Check out these shops for your mug fix in Barcelona.

La Comercial-Casa

Photo via Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

This store is one of a set of six that make up a successful mini-chain. Located in the neighbourhood of Born at Calle Rec 75. The store has been around for over eleven years, offering a wide selection of home accessories. This is where you will find some upmarket pieces for your mug collection. Their e-shop is coming soon.

El Changuito

For those of you that like a good treasure hunt El Changuito is the store to visit. Located at Passatge de la Pau, 13, this store is hidden away down a passage way in the Born district of Barcelona. Take a wander through its antiques collection, you’ll see plenty of vintage cups and mugs to choose from.


For a hand made mug or Japanese tea cup head to Momo. Momo means peach in Japanese. Many of the ceramics on display are lovingly hand-made by members of the Japanese community right here in Barcelona. The owner Kaori has been quoted as saying, “in tradition I find peace, and in memories of home I find comfort.” You will find this beautiful Eastern influenced shop at Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call nº6.

Art MontFalcon


Photo by: Stuck in Customs via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

This is not your run of the mill tourist shop, for one it is huge! You’ll need to prepare yourself to spend some time looking through the various products on display. If you’re on mission to buy a mug then keep that in mind as you enter the shop. The staff are friendly and can help you find your way around.

Tourist & souvenir shops

You will find a souvenir or tourist shop on every other corner in Barcelona. This is also where you can purchase a mug of choice. These are cheap and cheerful products that will certainly do the job if you’re looking for a quick fix.

About the author

Ana Petrusevski

Ana Petrusevski is an Australian writer living and working in Barcelona.

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