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Spanish vocabulary for vegans and vegetarians

Spanish vocabulary for vegans and vegetarians
Written by Michael

So you’re a vegan who just arrived in Barcelona to stay in a short-term rental for your holidays and you don’t speak either Spanish or Catalan, but you are starving – let us help you with ordering your first meals!

In order to expedite your ability to actually eat something, it is going to be very useful to familiarize yourself with a bit of the local lingo.

Let’s ensure that you don’t unwittingly order a vegetable salad (ensalada vegetal) and just to be surprised when it arrives covered in tinned tuna fish and dripping with non-vegan friendly mayonnaise.

Another of our proposals is to take a vegetarian tapas tour in Barcelona, thanks to the large number of vegetarian restaurants that you can find.

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ShBarcelona would like to help you prevent that from happening. Here are some useful translations from English to Spanish for vegans, raw food vegans, and vegetarians:

The basics

Diversos platos de ensaladasVegan – vegano /a

Vegetarian – vegetarian /a

Raw vegan – crudivegano /a

I am vegetarian – soy vegetariano/a

We are vegetarians – somos vegetarianos

I am vegan – soy vegano /a

We are vegans – somos veganos

I am raw vegan – soy crudivegano /a

We are raw vegans – somos crudiveganos

I eat fish – como pescado

I don’t eat fish – no como pescado

I don’t eat meat – no como carne

Without meat – sin carne

Without meat or fish – sin carne y sin pescado

I am allergic to… – soy alérgico a

Without eggs – sin huevos

Without dairy – sin lactosa

Without cheese – sin queso


Breakfast – desayuno

Lunch – almuerzo

Dinner – cena

Snack – merienda

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First course – primer plato

Second course – Segundo plato

Dessert – Los postres

Bebida – drink

Breakfast – desayuno

taza de café con ensaimadas sobre una mesa

Photo via Pixabay

Fruit – fruta

Nuts – frutos secos

Muesli – muesli

Porridge/oatmeal – avena

Toast – tostada

Bread – pain

Brown bread – pan integral

Water – agua

Sparkling water – agua con gas

Juice – zumo

Coffee – café

Soya milk – leche de soya

Rice milk – leche de arroz

Sugar – azúcar

Honey – miel

Without sugar – sin azucar

Without milk – sin leche

Without cow’s milk – sin leche de vaca

Nuts – frutos secos

Cashew nuts – anacardos

Almonds – almendras

Pistachio – pistachos

Macadamia – nueces de Macadamia

Walnuts – nueces

Hazelnuts – avellanas

Pine nuts – piñones

Brazil nuts – nueces de Brasil

Fruit – fruta

mango con frutas dentro

Photo via Pixabay

Watermelon – sandia

Orange – naranja

Lemon – limón

Papaya – papaja

Mango – mango

Lime – lima

Pineapple – pina

Apple – manzana

Pear – pera

Blackberries – moras

Strawberries – fresas

Raspberries – frambuesas

Grapes – uvas

Bananas – plátanos

Grapefruit – pomelo

Cherries – cerezas

Figs – higos

Dates – dátiles

Kiwi fruit – kiwi

Passion fruit – granadilla

Avocado – aguacate

Peach – melocotón

Pomegranate – granada

Vegetables – verduras

Salad – ensalada

Celery – apio

Garlic – ajo

Tomatoes – tomates

Onion – cebolla

Potatoes – papas

Lettuce – lechuga

Cucumber – pepino

Red pepper – pimiento rojo

Yellow pepper – pimiento amarillo

Orange pepper – pimiento naranja

Green pepper – pimiento verde

Mushrooms – champignon or setas

Courgette / zucchini – calabacín

Aubergine / eggplant – berenjena

Sweet potato / yam – camote

Cabbage – col

Pumpkin – calabaza

Fennel – hinojo

Radish – rábano

Chicory – achicoria

Spinach – espinaca

Kale – col rizada

Herbs – hierbas

Basil – albahaca

Coriander / cilantro – cilantro

Rosemary – romero

Chives – cebollino

Parsley – perejil

Mint – menta

Spices – especies

Ginger – jengibre

Chilli – chilli


Hummus con olivas con pan

Photo via Pixabay

Oil – aceite

Olives – aceitunas

Vinegar – vinagre

Salt – sal

Butter – mantequilla

Pepper – pimienta

Seaweed – algas

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Fork – tenedor

Spoon – cuchara

Teaspoon – cucharita

Knife – cuchilla

Cutlery – cubiertos

Plate – plato

Glass – vaso / copa

Cooking methods

Grilled – a la parrilla

Baked – asado / cocido al horno

Fried – frito

Freshly squeezed – exprimido

Fresh – fresco

Natural – natural

Not cooked – crudo

Lightly cooked – ligeramente cocidos

Steamed – al vapor

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Michael is a vegetarian, dog-loving, kindle-clutching, sunshine-seeking, adventure-obsessed, responsibility-dodging gypsy who has spent much of the last five years exploring Spain and parts of Europe.


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