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Why I Recommend A Trip To Barcelona

Written by James

Every year millions of tourists choose to spend a few days in Barcelona. If you are looking to visit this amazing city at any point in the future then I would highly recommend that you book an apartment to rent in Barcelona through a company like ShBarcelona rather than staying in a hotel. You will find that by staying in one of their apartments you can save yourself money.

However, you may be wondering why it is I would recommend that you arrange a trip to Barcelona. Well, below I offer up some reasons for doing so, and why it is I choose to visit this amazing place time and time again.

visit barcelonaThe first reason I choose to visit Barcelona regularly is the weather. The climate here is very mild and even during the winter months the temperature doesn’t drop below 10 degrees centigrade.

When it comes to visiting in the summer you will find compared to other parts of Spain that the heat here isn’t as oppressive. However if you do find the heat a little too much spending the day on the beach should help you to maintain your cool.

Another reason for me choosing to visit this city and arrange to rent a flat in Barcelona is its amazing beaches. You can of course just spend your time lazing on the beach and enjoying the fantastic weather or if you want there are plenty of other types of activities to be enjoyed whilst you spend the day on them.

As Barcelona is the capital of Modernism you will find plenty of monuments designed and built by the father of this particular art form, Antoni Gaudi. No visit to Barcelona would be complete without spending time exploring all that this city has to offer. You should especially make time if you can during your visit to see La Pedrera, Casa Batilo, Park Guell and of course not forgetting Sagrada Familia.

Of course Barcelona has become known for its nightlife, and is now a favourite place for many groups to come on tour. Of course if you are looking for something a little more cultural throughout the year numerous festivals and events take place.

One particular festival you may want to attend when you visit the city if it is on during your stay is Primavera Sound. Plus of course located a short distance from the city is the Formula 1 track.

visit barcelonaAt some stage whilst staying in Barcelona you are going to want to dine out. The great thing is that this city is able to offer you quite a wide range of different cuisines to try. However if you can find a restaurant that serves typical meals that is part of Catalan’s heritage.

You will find the best places to try such cuisine are the small tapas bars away from where tourists tend to congregate. As a city located close to the sea I would highly recommend you try some of the local dishes that use fish in them.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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