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Learning a New Language in Barcelona Has Never Been Easier

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Written by Enrique

Every day we wake up wishing we could speak a new language. People from all over the world travel to experience the culture of the visiting country.

However, culture begins by knowing the spoken language of the country you’re traveling to. ShBarcelona tells you a bit more today.

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What you need to know about learning a language in Barcelona

What language do they speak in Barcelona?

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Here in Barcelona the two languages that are mainly spoken are Castellano and Catalán. Though when listening to the language little difference can be noted, both of these languages are very different from each other. For this reason most of the natives from Barcelona are able to speak both languages with impressive fluidity.

Barcelona hosts thousands if not millions of different individuals from all over the world on the daily. With such a cultural melting pot cooking one of the biggest international stews, there truly has been no better opportunity to learn a new language.

It really does not matter where you’re visiting from or what language you’re trying to learn. Barcelona will grant you the opportunity to learn with native speakers of over 25 different countries.

The learning experience

The learning experience does not stop here, however. Barcelona has some of the best student-friendly programs in all of Europe. Programs are taught by independent companies or self-fulfilled entrepreneurs. Either choice has its advantages and disadvantages as does everything in life.

Language schools or independent company English classes are group-based courses. This means that you will be learning your language of choice in a group of three or more. This is one of the main differences between hiring a teacher through a company and an autonomous teacher.

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Photo via Pixabay

Through my experiences, I have noticed that students learn better when taught on a one to one basis. Barcelona is filled with independent teachers as well as countless opportunities to be a let to participate in activities that are far more personalized.

It is amazing to see how many independent classes are offered all over Barcelona on the daily. It is almost guaranteed that a class will be offered within a two-mile radius from any desired location. If this isn’t close enough for you, in-home classes are also available upon request.

If learning in groups is better for you, signing up for group classes is also an option. In fact, many Barcelona based companies were founded to fulfill this demand. Although teaching strikes as many a tough industry, here in Barcelona teaching has proven to be one of the best and most flexible ways to earn an income.

In fact Barcelona receives between twenty to thirty thousand applicants on a yearly basis. With such a high demand to learn new languages, that may serve as a gateway for a better future, so Barcelona has never been a better place to learn a language.

Where did you learn the Spanish language?

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