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What to do in Barcelona when it rains: indoor solutions

What to do in Barcelona when it rains: indoor solutions
Written by Paula

Barcelona is a city blessed with an extremely good weather, with sunny skies most days of the year. Fall and Winter are not heavy in rain, especially when compared to other European countries.

So what can you do to pass the time in your house or hotel room in Barcelona when you rains? Here are some of ShBarcelona’s suggestions:

Read a book

books barcelonaThere are hundreds of people who haven’t picked up a book in years. It’s not that they don’t like reading, it’s just that their day to day is too busy. If you find yourself home on a rainy day, looking out the window as you wonder what you should do, go to your shelf and choose a book to spend some time with, lying in bed or sitting on the sofa.

Don’t have a good book to read? Pay a visit to one of the many bookshops in Barcelona. Stores like Fnac and Casa del Libro sell mainly books in Spanish, but offer a small selection of books in other languages.

If you are looking for books in English, visit Come in or Hibernian Books, where you can purchase used English books for affordable prices.

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Watch a movie, learn a new language

Rainy days provide the perfect opportunity to curl with a blanket while you watch a good movie. Choose your favorite feature film or one of the new ones and dare to watch it with subtitles in a foreign language. Hearing the characters speak in your native language while you read the subtitles will help you start making connections between your native language and the new one.

You can choose from a variety of Blu-Ray discs and DVDs at Fnac, Media Markt, Worten and El Corte Inglés.

Get crafty

books barcelonaThere are all sorts of arts and crafts you can dedicate yourself to during the rainy days. You can try scrapbooking, knitting, use modeling clay or even paint. Pay a visit to Raima for your stationary needs. Go to Barna Art to get your graffiti, plaster, glues and pencils. All you knit is love will supply you with your knitting tools. Get lost in Tiger and rekindle your relationship with your inner child by choosing an item from their Do it Yourself section.

If all else fails

If even after practicing one or more of the suggested activities the day feels like it’s stretching for too long, there is still another thing you can do to pass the time: roll up your sleeves and clean the house.

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