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Where to Find Private Detectives in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

A private investigator, or private eye, is someone hired by individuals or groups to investigate anything in civil and criminal cases or even personal matters that would not involve the police. Private detectives and their agencies of other investigators started popping up in the 19th century, first in France and then in England and the United States. These special investigators did things that clients felt the police were not equipped or willing to handle, such as finding people who were missing or investigating personal matters like cheating partners.

Over time, their roles grew to include assisting companies in labor disputes, providing security to threatened individuals, and doing undercover work, sometimes in conjunction with the police. Private investigators are common in every country, and here’s are a few you can find right here in Barcelona.

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ADB Detectives Privados Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

ADB Detectives Privados Barcelona is a private detective agency based in the center of Barcelona where investigators have served people in need for the past fifteen years. They are serious, efficient, and find solutions quickly. Among their topics of investigation are business issues such as fraud, follow-ups, and cases of unfair competition, family matters such as infidelity and surveillance of suspicious behavior of family members, and even more complex issues that would need electronic sweeps and forensic computing. For companies, lawyers, and individuals, the PI’s at ADB uncover the evidence needed to prove your case, whatever it may be, with maximum discretion to protect the identity of their clients while bringing in the results clients need.

Investicat Detectives Privados

Photo via Pixabay

The detectives at Investicat work to locate any loved ones who have either gone missing or have disappeared for a lengthy period due to personal matters such as drug addictions, matrimonial issues like infidelity, or even getting involved with a bad group of people. They also search for evidence in labor and professional disputes. They can investigate unfair competition with information leaks, industrial espionage, and phone taps. They can even look into suspected fraud, scams, or internal theft through financial reports, putting together all the evidence needed for a lawsuit. They will do all of this privately with the highest discretion as possible. 

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For whatever reason necessary, licensed private investigators are at your disposal to help out with any problems you have at home or at work. They always investigate legally, taking actions that are permitted by the regulations of their PI license. Call them for help getting to the bottom of any concerns you might have and let them help you track down the evidence you need to prove your case.

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