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Living in Barcelona

The Beer Revolution

Written by Enrique

free the hopsGood appetite does not end after having a bite of the most delicious dish just like a good meal is not the best meal without the perfectly paired beverage. For hundreds of years beverages have been brewed with the ultimate purpose of pleasing the toughest of palettes. From witches brews to strawberry coladas everything has been attempted. The most interesting aspect of the evolution of drinks is the actual process itself. Every time a batch is made something else could be added or perhaps a slight alteration to the recipe can also be done. The development of cookie-cutting recipes has allowed beer to diversify. Today the true tastes of brewing are kept secret in those that have been able to achieve it before.

To Drink or Not To Drink

A true dilemma at hand, is if in fact Barcelona attracts gold or perhaps the gold itself attracts Barcelona. With beautiful beaches to sun bathe and countless of delicious tapas waiting to be to unlocked, there couldn’t be a better mecca for beer. Barcelona houses a variety of microbreweries that have been able to keep up with the booming craft beer trend. Hundreds of beers are being tapped on the daily all throughout the city. Through the grapevine however, I have heard that European beer is trying to become a little bit more liberal with the artisan craft and perhaps try and tackle bolder styles of American craft beer.

The Crafty Boom

The craft been movement in the United Sates has developed tremendously. So much that if you would really try to drink every upcoming brew out Gastro-delciousthere, you would have to be drunk every day. The point of craft beer however, is far from consuming until a black out state. In the contrary, the art of craft beer is to savor and overwhelm the palette with joy. It is important to remind everyone that beer can have alcohol content up to 25 percent so please when approaching delicious nectar of such caliber, drink responsibly. Not because you may or may not partake in despicable acts of inappropriateness, well that and, the fact the next morning hangover will be extremely regrettable.

In Barcelona this movement is helping create more beautiful things. With such a drive to create tastes that are new and fresh, it is almost impossible to not want to join the fun. It has been an honor to have personally been able to partake in the making of some of the best brews. Don’t forget to add, “brew a beer” to your personal bucketlist.

Here are a few recomendations:

La Cerveteca

25 Carrer d’En Gignàs
Barcelona, 08002

La Resistència

107 Eixample Esquerre

Barcelona, 08015


55 Mountaner 
Barcelona, 08001

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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