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Plaza España in Barcelona, ​​a recommended walk

Plaza España Barcelona
Written by ShBarcelona

The Plaza España in Barcelona is one of the most iconic places in the city. With its majestic fountain and impressive architecture, it serves as an unmistakable landmark for visitors and a beloved space for locals.

In this article, we provide key information about the history of the Plaza España in Barcelona. At the same time, we guide you to make the most of your visit to this iconic place.

History of Plaza España in Barcelona

The history of Plaza España is related to the celebration of the 1929 International Exposition. The square was designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, although it has undergone various interventions, including that of the architect Pere Domènech i Roura.

As you’ll see, this is an impressive architectural work built as a symbol of modernity and progress. Two Venetian towers flank the entrance to Avenida María Cristina, from where you can see the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) and the famous Magic Fountain.

The columns surrounding the square are adorned with representations of the Spanish provinces, providing a unique cultural touch. Additionally, the fountain is known for its lights and water, which are a true delight for visitors.

Buildings and Monuments to Visit

The Venetian Towers

Located at the foot of Montjuic mountain, at the end of Avenida María Cristina, these square-shaped and perfectly symmetrical towers are two imposing structures that flank the beginning of the route to Montjuic. Illuminated at night, they offer a spectacular view and serve as a welcoming point of reference for visitors.

Venetian Towers in Plaza de España

Venetian Towers in Plaza de España

The Fountain of Plaza España

In the central roundabout of Plaza España in Barcelona, there is a monumental fountain just in front of the Las Arenas shopping center and at the foot of Montjuic hill. It is a distinctive element with an imposing structure, adding to the architectural beauty of the square and making this area an iconic place in Barcelona.

Magic Fountain (Font Màgica)

Located at the foot of the Palau Nacional, the Magic Fountain is a monumental fountain that offers light and music shows in the evenings at Plaza España in Barcelona, lasting approximately 15 minutes. Depending on the season, it’s important to check the operating hours.

Don’t miss it; it’s a charming place to stroll and enjoy the atmosphere.

MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia)

This museum houses an extensive collection of Catalan art and one of the finest collections of Romanesque art in the world, including notable works such as paintings, sculptures, decorative art, and photographs. In addition to its permanent collections, it also hosts temporary exhibitions and cultural activities to contribute to the dissemination of Catalan art and culture. It is a recommended and unmissable visit for art lovers, made more significant by the fact that the building itself is an architectural masterpiece.

National Art Museum of Catalonia

National Art Museum of Catalonia

National Palace (Palau Nacional)

The National Palace, also known as Palau Nacional in Catalan, is located on Montjuïc mountain. It has an architectural style inspired by Spanish Renaissance and stands out for its imposing facade and majestic dimensions. It also houses the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC). You can visit the interior of the palace and the museum for free on the first Sunday of each month.

From there, you have an excellent panoramic view of the city.

Joan Miró Park

Although not directly on Plaça d’Espanya, this park, named after the famous Catalan painter and sculptor Joan Miró, offers a spacious open space close to all visitors who want to rest a bit in the middle of the city. It is a quiet and pleasant place to relax and enjoy Joan Miró’s sculpture “Dona i Ocell” (Woman and Bird).

Arenas de Barcelona Shopping Center

Plaza España in Barcelona houses an impressive building with a unique aesthetic; formerly, it was a bullring now reconstructed and designed into a modern shopping center with a diverse range of over 100 stores and a 360 panoramic view of the city, known as Arenas de Barcelona. If you feel like shopping or watching a movie, this is the ideal place.

Going up to the rooftop of the shopping center is an experience you shouldn’t miss, as you’ll have an unmatched view of Plaza España and its surroundings.

Find accommodation near Plaza d’Espanya

The Best Restaurants in the Plaza

Plaza España in Barcelona not only offers a visual feast but is also a place where you can enjoy good food. Here are some of the best restaurants you can find nearby:

Pura Brasa 

Starting with a simple and cheap proposal but fantastic food, right in the shopping center (don’t let this deceive you). Their entire menu is based on the grill; we recommend ordering the potato omelet, eggplant mousse, or grilled steaks, and you won’t want to try anything else.


An ideal way to approach Japanese cuisine without moving away from Plaza España. You won’t take long to want to come back and finish trying their entire menu of nigiris, temakis, sashimis, and many other delights. 

Spice BCN

A bit down Paral·lel, you’ll find this place; if you like wings, this is your place as it specializes in them. Here, you’ll find not only a menu of South African cuisine and Caribbean spices specially prepared for spicy food lovers, but also other options on the menu for different tastes.

Alapar Plaza España Barcelona

Very close, on Lleida street, we can find this restaurant of maximum sophistication and delicacy. High cuisine that blends Mediterranean gastronomy with an Asian vision, offering season-based products treated with subtlety.

Tapa Tapa

Although you might think that tapas can be found in any bar in Spain, here you will encounter first-class specialties and one of the pioneers in tapas. At a good price and with a variety of tapas and beers, you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere it offers.

Rebost d’Hostafrancs

We close this list with one of those classic places full of history: market cuisine and traditional dishes of Mediterranean gastronomy. Here you can find typical dishes such as seafood paella, fish fideuà, or beef, always accompanied by good potatoes.

Plaza España Barcelona at night

The square at night offers many options to have fun

How to Park in Plaza España Barcelona

One of the options is public parking, which is located near the square and is subject to the Blue and Green Zones of the city. Additionally, you can also find private parking lots with a price range varying between 2 and 4 euros per hour.

As you can see, Plaza de España in Barcelona is a place that combines history, culture, and entertainment. It is a must-visit for any city visitor. Whether you are interested in architecture, gastronomy, or shopping, you will find something captivating in this iconic place.

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