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Buy a flat in Barcelona

Buying an Apartment in Barcelona: What to Consider

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Written by Daniella

Thanks to the Mediterranean and cosmopolitan atmosphere, there is no city like Barcelona. It is an increasingly popular destination for those who are looking to settle down and buy a house. Even if you want to invest in an apartment, Barcelona is an excellent place to do so.

Whatever your personal situation is, it is always key to take certain aspects into consideration before making a decision as important as to buying which property. ShBarcelona has summed up several aspects in a useful guide on what to consider when buying an apartment in Barcelona. In addition, we are here to support you during the entire process to make it the most comfortable and smooth as possible. 

7 Interesting aspects before buying an apartment in Barcelona

Location: the centre of your new life

Location should definitely be at the top of your list when looking for an apartment in Barcelona. The city offers a wide range of districts and neighbourhoods, each with its own charm and unique characteristics. Decide on your preferences according to your personal needs and wishes, from access to public transport and nearby services to infrastructure and lifestyle.

Our real estate portfolio includes apartments in many different neighbourhoods in Barcelona, and we can offer you advice on which apartments are compatible with your preferences. 

Best apartments for sale in Barcelona

Budget: establish your financial limits

Before starting to look at apartments, you should be clear about the size of your budget. How much are you willing to invest in a property? And don’t forget it’s not just about the price of the property itself, but also the additional expenses, like taxes and legal fees.

Consider hiring a professional agency that is experienced in the local real estate market to help you find potential apartments that fit your personal budget.

State and characteristics of the property: choose wisely

When viewing an apartment, remember to look closely at the general condition the property is in and the specific features you are looking for. Should it include a terrace, three bedrooms, a balcony, or a parking space? 

No matter what’s on your checklist, you must observe the overall building condition of the property. Compare your list with demands and wishes with the properties you have viewed and how they match. And if you need any help with this, our real estate experts are there for you every single step of the way.

living room in Barcelona

Apartment for sale in Eixample

Infrastructure and transport: everything on your doorstep

When selecting an apartment in Barcelona, being close to infrastructure and transport is a major aspect. Is the apartment situated near metro stations, bus stops and/or train stations? Will your new location be well-connected to the airport and other parts of the city?

Having great access to transport systems can make daily life and commuting back and forth, especially to work or leisure areas in the city, a lot easier.

Legal documentation: don’t skip any of the formalities

It is of the utmost importance that all documentation is in order before signing anything. For example, you should check the title of the deed of the property, the mortgage, the cadastral reference, the technical building inspection, the energy performance certificate, and other documents related to the apartment or the property you wish to buy. 

This part of the process can be much simpler and more convenient if you can count on specialized real estate agents. They can make sure every part of the documentation is correct, which will prevent you from having to deal with any unpleasant surprises in the future. 

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Potential value for money: a clever investment

Barcelona keeps on growing and property is in high demand, which makes the purchase of an apartment in the city an excellent long-term investment opportunity

Evaluate all the information you have collected, like the areas with the most appreciation potential, to make a better and more objective decision on where to buy and how to maximize your investment. 

Services and amenities: life without any worries

Check out the available services and amenities in the preferred zone where you want to buy an apartment. Look at supermarkets, stores, parks and medical care to make absolutely sure that you have everything you need close to your new home.

professional advice when buying apartment in Barcelona

Professional advice (Photo via Unsplash)

Professional advice: guidance throughout the process

One of the principal added values our real estate agency has to offer, is completely personalized and custom advice throughout every phase of the buying process. Our personnel will accompany you from the very first steps of starting to look for an apartment in Barcelona until the last day of signing at the notary’s office. And even after signing we can still be of use.

We will assist you when searching for the ideal apartment, we will help you with legal matters, and we can provide guidance at every stage.

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With every piece of information we have offered you today, from location to budget and from property conditions to legal documentation, you have already become more knowledgeable on what to consider when buying an apartment in Barcelona. Don’t hesitate to contact us to guide you on this exciting journey of finding your ideal place!

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