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How to Travel in Barcelona: Your City Travel Guide

tmb bus barcelona travel guide barcelona
Written by Daniella

If you’re planning to move to Barcelona, or want to visit our beautiful city, it’s essential to know what transport options are available to get from one place to the other in an easy and efficient way.

Barcelona offers a great variety of public transport systems, but you can also count on private or shared transport options. Whatever you need, it’s available. ShBarcelona has come up with a guide on how to travel in Barcelona, and we hope you make maximum use of the suggested means of transport.

Public transport in Barcelona

There are many choices when it comes to public transport in Barcelona, and they are widely spread. That’s what makes them a popular way of travelling for both residents and visitors. We are describing the most important public transport systems of Barcelona below:


Barcelona’s metro is one of the most efficient underground transport systems of Europe. There’s a choice of several different metro lines, and they connect not only the city, but also the surrounding villages. This is a fast and certain way of travelling within the city, especially if you want to avoid the problems of above ground traffic.


The bus network is huge in Barcelona, and it basically covers every corner of the city. Busses are an excellent option if you want to travel to a spot where there’s no metro. Besides that, some buses offer night services. And this is particularly convenient for those night owls among us.

tmb bus barcelona

Bus in Barcelona (Photo via Unsplash)

Ferrocarriles de Cataluña (FGC train)

The FGC is a network of trains that connects Barcelona with other cities and villages in the region. These trains come in handy if you want to visit places a bit further away from the city. Montserrat mountain or several coastal villages are easier to visit via FGC.

Rodalies de Catalunya

The Rodalies de Catalunya is also a train, but it’s a commuter train service operated by Renfe. It connects multiple cities in Cataluña, and it offers a regular and easy method of daily transport. This is ideal for those who travel regularly within the region. It’s not only cheap and reliable, but also much more practical than transport by road.

rodalies train barcelona

Rodalies in Barcelona (Photo via Unsplash)


Barcelona offers a network of trams to travel within the many zones of the city. Trams are a comfortable option for getting around and have a classic feel to them. They are an easy means of transport if you want to get to crowded or touristic places.


If you prefer a more sustainable and healthy option, why not opt for the shared bicycle system in Barcelona, called Bicing. The system allows you to rent a bicycle for a short period of time, and you can pick it up and drop it off at the many different Bicing stations spread all over the city. This is a splendid way of travelling within Barcelona, and you can also enjoy your surroundings while doing so.

bicing bike sharing in barcelona

Bicing in Barcelona (Photo via Unsplash)

Funicular and teleférico (cable train and cable car)

There are several vertical transport possibilities in Barcelona, like cable trains and cable cars. This means of transport is ideal to reach the more elevated areas of the city, like Montjuïc Park.

The funicular de Montjuïc takes you from Paral·lel station right up to the top of the mountain, to Montjuïc Park. On the other hand, there’s the teleférico de Montjuïc and the teleférico del Puerto, and these connect the lower parts of the city with Montjuïc mountain. They both offer magnificent panoramic views along the entire ride.

Private transport in Barcelona

If you prefer the comfort and privacy of a personal vehicle, then Barcelona offers several options of private transport:


Taxis are a convenient way of travelling, especially if you are travelling with a small group or have lots of luggage with you. Barcelona’s taxis can easily be recognised by their yellow and black colours. You can find taxi stands on the most strategic places in the city, but you can also give a free taxi a hand signal on the street to stop them.

taxi barcelona

Taxis in Barcelona (Photo via Unsplash)

Rental cars

If flexibility and freedom is your way of travelling, then you should explore Barcelona and its surroundings with a rental car. There are several car rental companies in the city, and they offer a varied selection of rental cars to choose from.


VTC stands for vehículos de transporte con conductor, or a car with a driver, and this is another option for private transport in Barcelona. You can book a VTC via a mobile app to enjoy this private and customised transport service.

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Shared transport in Barcelona

Over the last few years Barcelona has seen an increase in shared transport services. They offer a more affordable and sustainable way of travelling. Below you will find some of the most popular options for shared transport in the city:


Barcelona offers a motosharing service, and it means you can rent a motorcycle for only a short periode of time. It’s a fast and flexible way to travel within the city. Motosharing services can be booked via a mobile app, and it allows you to locate and unlock the motorcycle easily and quickly.


Carsharing is a method of shared transport in Barcelona. You can rent a car for hours or even minutes, and you only pay for the time you have actually used the car. This is a flexible and budget-friendly alternative for those who don’t need a car every day of the year.

ShBarcelona – Your Trusted Real Estate Agent

As you have been able to read, Barcelona offers ample solutions for travelling within the city. And they are efficient and easy to use. From the extensive metro and bus network to more private transport options. Discover all the alternatives and choose the one that suits your needs to enjoy Barcelona without a hassle.

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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