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Incasol: 10 “FAQS” for tenants and owners

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Written by ShBarcelona

Whether you’re a property owner or a tenant, you’ve probably wondered at some point, what is Incasol? Especially if you’ve signed a rental contract and deposited or requested a deposit. Well, Incasol is an entity that handles everything related to the Generalitat regarding various subjects, including urban planning issues.

What is Incasol?

Incasol, or the Institut Català del Sòl (Catalan Land Institute), is a public entity of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia responsible for safeguarding the money from the agreed-upon deposit.

Incasol plays a key role in the urban development of Catalonia. It works to balance progress with environmental preservation. Therefore, understanding its function is essential for those interested in the future of cities and territorial planning.

An entity with urban planning competencies

The Urban Planning Law categorizes the Institut Català del Sòl as a special urban entity of the Generalitat with competencies in planning and management matters. This entity is tasked with promoting the construction of public housing in Catalonia.

Incasol is governed by a presidency held by the Minister of Territory and Sustainability. Additionally, it has a Board of Directors with broad powers in its operations and management. The director of the Institut Català del Sòl it is named by the government and serves as the executive body overseeing its functioning.

Incasol functions

It is responsible for land management and planning, facilitating the availability of land for different uses, such as homes, businesses or public spaces.

Promotes practices that seek environmental and economic sustainability, guaranteeing long-term development that benefits the community.

What is the main mission of Incasol?

The main objective of this entity is to receive the sum of money equivalent to one or two months’ rent (depending on the type of property) collected by landlords at the time of signing a lease agreement. This sum is refunded at the end of the contract and upon the landlord’s request, who will be the only authorized person to request it.

It is mandatory to register rental contracts in the Generalitat’s Rental Contract Registry. Therefore, this public institution manages them, promoting transparency in the relationships between landlords and tenants.

The funds obtained through these deposits by landlords are destinated for investment in the construction of public housing, mainly in rental projects and other urban renewal initiatives.

How does Incasol for homeowners work?

Therefore, if you are an owner, you are obliged to deposit the deposit money for the rental of your property in Incasol. This is stipulated in art. 3 of Law 13/1996. At ShBarcelona we answer the most common questions from owners.

What is Incasol

Incasol is in charge of keeping the deposit

What is the deadline to deposit it?

According to said article, the landlord has a maximum period of two months to deposit from the date of formalization of the rental contract.

What is the amount to be deposited?

Normally and according to said law, in rental contracts for primary residences, a total of one monthly payment is required as a deposit. For its part, in temporary rental contracts, premises or when the tenant is a legal entity; Two monthly payments are requested as a guarantee.

When can I request a refund of the deposit from Incasol?

In this sense, you must make a request to cancel the deposit within eight days after the end of the rental contract.

What happens if I request cancellation after 8 days?

You can not worry because you will not incur expenses or any type of penalty. Even if you were missing some documentation, it would be required by Incasol without any major problem.

What period does Incasol have to return your deposit?

Incasol has a total of 21 days from the request for your return.

What happens if Incasol exceeds the return period?

If Incasol returns it to you later, late payment interest is applied to the initial amount of the deposit.

What is Incasol keys

The deposit is a key management in rentals

How does Incasol work for tenants?

So, if you are a tenant, they will ask you for a deposit that the owner will deposit in Incasol. In ShBarcelona, ​​we try to answer your most common questions.

The owner of the property has not registered the deposit in Incasol. What should I do?

In this case, and if you are aware that the owner of the property has not registered the deposit, if you need a professional to advise you or you want us to manage your home, you can leave us your information in the form and we will manage it.

Is the landlord required to prove the registration of the deposit?

Well yes, the truth is that you have the right to have a document that proves the registration of the bond. So the obligation of the owner is to provide it to you.

Why is it useful to have my deposit in Incasol?

You may be asked for the document if you are applying for public or private assistance.

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What happens if my deposit is not returned?

Once the lease contract has expired, if the landlord does not return your security deposit, you can initiate legal actions to recover your money.

However, keep in mind that Incasol may impose penalties on those who violate housing laws. These penalties can vary depending on the severity of the infraction and may include financial fines.

In any case, if you need more information, you can visit the official Incasol website.

As stated, Incasol plays a crucial role in managing rental deposits in Catalonia, ensuring security and transparency in this process.

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Do you have more questions about Incasol? Leave them in the comments, we will be happy to answer you.

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