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Techno-logic: Sonar 2015

Techno-logic Sonar Barcelona
Written by Enrique

There is no doubt that Barcelona is one of the biggest and wildest beach cities in the world. If you focus long enough on the rhythm of the city you will notice that the party runs all day every day. Without a hick up this city never sleeps without putting on a show. Whether it be a traditional flamenco or perhaps a lustrous show of Spanish guitar or an indie folk concert you will not be disappointed. If, however, there are killer shows daily what could possibly make something unordinary yet special stand out a little more? Well, how about an enormous festival that brings together music, creativity and technology.

Creativity is a Statement

Unlike anything else that can be experienced here in Barcelona, Sonar music festival is by far the largest big name dropping three day festival DRophosted by the city. This outstanding mix of talent and creativity has brought people together in very interesting fashions. Through the understanding what attracts different sorts of populations a very well diverse audience is experienced. It is incredible to see how people from all over the world, regardless of their native background, are able to unite and unwind under the same roof.

Last year Sonar presented several upcoming technological ideas through stations that were there for people to learn with a little more hands on experience. These workshops proved to be highly informational and extremely useful. This year Sonar is bringing on the latest technological heat by embracing their state of the art need for the pulse of the current electronic music. What makes this idea very intriguing is that the overall purpose of this event is for the people by the people. Sonar’s founding values are defined through its commitment to not only serve primarily as a global event but to also be a meeting point for the public as well as private sectors to meet and perhaps make long lasting partnerships.

Hands UP

The full length of the event does not end there. Sonar has proven to be such a success that artists all throughout the world are joining the action left and right. Artists like flying lotus and square pusher, some of the best instrumental based sets are making an appearance and it is expected to hear sound we have never heard before. Other electronic prodigies like Skrillex and the chemical brothers will be tearing up the dance floor with some of the heaviest bass that is out there. So if you are around the city during June Make sure to buy you tickets and listen to these amazing artists.             Techno-logic Sonar 2015

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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