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Taiwanese bubble tea has come to Barcelona with Wow! Boba

Written by Adriana

If you are walking through the city center, and you decide to change your course a little bit towards the charming narrow streets of El Born, next to the Ramblas, you will be surprised to find, on Avinyó Street, this attractive and bright place. In Wow!Boba they serve this exotic drink imported from Taiwan which has already achieved many successes in other countries, the bubble tea. If you try it, it won’t leave you indifferent! Know a little bit more about this juicy beverage…

First of all, the big question … what is Wow!Boba?

Wow!boba is the first shop in Barcelona specialized in one of the most successful beverages that have emerged in recent years: the Bubble Tea. Wow!boba is based on the Taiwanese Bubble Tea concept, originated in the 80’s. The Bubble Tea, also known as Pearl Tea or Boba Tea, has achieved a massive success in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Tokyo, London and Berlin, where there are already dozens of shops and franchises of the famous drink.

What products can be found in Wow!boba?

The Bubble Tea is a completely customizable “snack” which includes ingredients such as black tea, green tea, yogurt, milk, concentrate fruit juice, or coconut milk and taro (a tropical tuber). The drink can be drunk hot or cold and even accompanied by crushed ice. Bubble Tea name comes from small bubbles or chewable beads that are added to the bottom of the glass, creating a unique tastes and textures experience to your palate. Among the varieties of bubbles there are tapioca (starch extracted from cassava) or “popping bobas”, the result of molecular cuisine, prepared with Agar-agar seaweed gelatin coverage and filled with concentrated juice.

How did the idea to open Wow!Boba came up?

Wow boba is the result of five entrepreneurs based in Spain, Germany, Brazil and Chile’s effort, which detected this trend didn’t had a supplier neither in Spain nor in Latin America

How has the reception of the bubble tea been in Barcelona?

The Wow!Boba Bubble Tea reception in Barcelona has been amazing. Although last year this drink was unknown in the Spanish market, we already have lots of regular costumers, a mix of tourists and locals who have already become addicted to our products. For sure this is a new trend that has come to this country.

How is to start a business in Barcelona? How has your experience been?

We recommend people to do it. Last year we were the first bubble tea sellers in Barcelona, and we started small to test the concept. Today we receive franchising petitions almost daily. We are more than confident that this is the year of Bubble Tea on the Iberian Peninsula.

Do you plan to open more stores here or in other cities?

Right now the company has already started its expansion through local franchises. In late 2013, the company plans to have another shop and several franchised between Spain, Chile and Brazil. So, those interested in obtaining a franchise from Wow!Boba can write to

And finally, we can’t leave Wow!Boba without trying…

The Taro & Coco Bubble Tea liquid or slush with tapioca balls. It is definitely our flagship product, people always love it when they try it for the first time.

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