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Have a good paella in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

When a foreign person comes to Spain and thinks about what to eat here immediately comes to his/her mind the paella, but if you ask any Spanish or in this case, a person from Barcelona, all them would tell you the same thing: “be careful of what you pay for”. Having a good paella in a restaurant in Barcelona is very difficult, usually the products they put into these dishes are cheap and the prices aren’t cheap at all, as they take advantage of the tourists that don’t know exactly what is paella. So to don’t be fooled. ShBarcelona recommend some places where you can certainly eat a good paella, traditionally prepared with quality and fresh ingredients and products. Bear in mind that is not the same eating a paella in Barcelona, in Valencia (where this dish comes from) or in any other part of Spain, in Barcelona is usually eaten with seafood, in Valencia with meat and vegetables, and elsewhere could be with meat mixed with vegetables and seafood. Everyone believes that the “real” paella is that one that their family eats, of course! Choose what you like and enjoy the mixed flavors of this preparation.

7 Portes: this is one of the most iconic restaurants in Barcelona because you can taste dishes of traditional Catalan cuisine and because it was founded on 1836. It is common to find several celebrities from Catalonia and anyone who wants to try some wonderful “tapas” of ham, anchovies or “croquetas”, then eat a plate of Paella Parellada (rice with monkfish, mussels, calamari, shrim , pork, sausage and rabbit).

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Cheriff: in this restaurant hidden in the narrow streets of Barceloneta they say they serve the best paella in Barcelona. There are also exquisite seafood dishes like lobster stew, but the paella is for sure a safe bet. As usual, the restaurants that are closer to the port area have the best fish and rice.

La Barceloneta: located, of course, in the district with the same name, this restaurant opened in 1996 and since then has managed to become a benchmark in Barcelona in terms of seafood and rice. It also offers fabulous views of the harbor, which helps to improve the taste of everything you eat, right? All dishes are homemade, including desserts, do not miss out on them!

Can Solé: If I told you that Vazquez Montalban wrote that in Can Solé there’s the best rice you can eat at the Mediterranean Coast, I say everything. Although there are popular dishes that stand out as “arroz caldoso”, lobster, the erizo de mar with vieiras or the trocito de mar cremoso if you want to eat a proper paella here you can do it surrounded by a traditional fishermen environment. Highly recommended.


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