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An oriental food specialized supermarket

Written by Adriana

In the last 10 years a lot of oriental restaurants have mushroomed in Barcelona: Chinese, Japanese, Korean restaurants offer local diners all kinds of exotic delicacies at various prices and qualities. This has attracted the attention of Catalan people toward oriental cuisine, they have decided to learn how to prepare their favorite dished themselves at home. But… where can you find the products they would Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese or Thai people use at home for each recipe?

If you are a good cook spending some time in Barcelona, staying in one of our rental apartments and you are very into oriental food, you will find everything you need in the supermarket Dong Feng – Extremo Oriente.

This supermarket was founded more than 30 years ago and it was the first specialized exclusively in oriental and Asian food in Barcelona, therefore, is undoubtedly a landmark for city residents both local and Oriental immigrants. In this store you will find a wide range of products at the best prices: snacks, all kinds of oils and vinegars for sushi preparation, for example, algae, mushrooms, dehydrated and canned vegetables, rice, beverages like sake or High quality oriental tea, shirataki noodles, ramen, tofu, miso, ginseng, crystallized ginger, jellyfish meat, the best brands of sauces and spices (Kikkoman, Aroy-D, Asian Home Gourmet…), cooking and eating utensils of each dish, and some others. There is a section where you can find frozen packages of wonton dumplings, gyoza dumplings, fish, and much more. It is here where oriental people living in Barcelona gets their food.

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The long history of this place have made that its owners sell also other origins food offering customers products from the European, Mexican, Arab, Indian or Latin cuisine. Although most of the people who buy at the store go there looking for oriental products, there are some of other nationalities, so you can even do the for everyday shopping there. Its central location on Balmes Street number 6, have consolidated Dong Fang within Barcelona.

If you decide to ask about it, perhaps is not very useful to refer to it by its name, because generally everybody knows it as “the oriental supermarket at Balmes Street”, anyone can tell you where it is that way. Get to work and get ready to cook your favorite dishes with your own hands, is not that complicated!

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