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Sell, sell, sell!

Sell, sell, sell!
Written by Paula

When moving to Barcelona the smart thing to do is not to bring too much from home. The city is full of shops with unique items that will make you fall in love with them. Every time you go out and walk by a different place, you will discover a new and amazing store with artist-made clothes, paintings, purses, furniture and you will want to have them all.

So what is a good way to clear some space in your new room and also have money to buy some of the items that have won your heart? The answer is sell, sell, sell!

sell1There are several businesses in Barcelona that buy used items. You won’t make a fortune but will get money for things you don’t use anymore, freeing up some space for the new.

Take a look at some of the options:

Cell phones

With new and more advanced technology coming out every month, there is always a moment when we decide to upgrade. So if you have any old, unused cell phones sitting in a drawer somewhere, dig them out and take them to Phone House or Zonzoo.


All of us have at least one item of clothing that makes us wonder “What was I thinking?”. For those and all the other items you simply don’t use anymore, there is a variety of second-hand marketsTwo MarketFlea Market, and Lost & Found 


Moving to a new place where you can’t take your furniture with you? No problem. Try selling it at Pikeando (for Ikea furniture only) or Kedecosas


sell2There are people who treasure every single book they read and want to keep them forever. Others consider their relationship with the book over as soon as they reach the end of the last page. For the latter, there is a better solution than using the old books as paperweights or doorstops: selling them. Try La RetrobadaLibreria Sanchez Re-Read  and Compro libros usados. 


Cash Converters

Cell phones, jewelry, video games, tablets, scanners, microscopes, golf clubs… If there is an item you need selling, Cash Converters will buy it. Find the closest store to you on their website.

About the author


Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.


  • Hi there
    I need to cell my things, clothes bags
    Jewerly in ideal condition

  • Hello,
    I’m Rah. I need to sell a few clothes and shoes in good condition. Whats the process like?

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