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Where to Find Carpenters in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Carpentry is a skilled trade that goes back centuries. It requires craftsmanship and experience to work with all those layered pieces of wood and aluminum in order to construct any framework in just the right way. The industry continues today as strongly as ever, combining utility with artistic creation. If you’re in need of an experienced carpenter that you can trust to work in your home or business, here are a few of the best options in Barcelona.

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Cajas De Madera Pere Masmitja

Photo via Pixabay

From boxes to packaging and pallets, Cajas de Madera Pere Masmitja can construct anything for stores and homes to make them stand out from the crowd. A custom-made wooden piece art piece is something to be admired, especially if it’s a gift or on display.

Cajas de Madera knows the importance of first impressions and advertises the way in which their custom pieces, when placed up front in a window, can attract potential customers to a business. They’re great at making decor for small shops and offices at very inexpensive prices. How do they do it? The people at Cajas de Madera use recycled materials to add something special to their various creations. They utilize every tool with precision using their own bare hands. Just give them a sketch of what you have in mind and they can create it. 


Photo by Barnshaws via Visualhunt

Macrisal is all about aluminum carpentry and merging modern resources with traditional techniques and building styles. They do carpentry for everyone who works with aluminum, namely other industrial businesses who handle construction. Their range of products and finishes in aluminum carpentry maintain a balance in overall price, quality, and service for their clients. The company has handled itself very well with the booming demand for aluminum and takes on all orders received.

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El Taller Del Fuster

El Taller del Fuster is a small business that specializes in home-carved pieces. They construct doors, fancy windows, furniture, and cabinets for homes and businesses around the city. They also handle repairs to freshen up the interiors of any home.

The skilled craftsmanship of carpenters is not only useful in the construction business. Artisan pieces also make excellent gifts for those looking for something special. When any piece is made by hand, you can be sure that it was made with love and care. Whether working with wood or aluminum, carpenters have perfected their techniques and are able to work with any kind of custom designs you might have in mind.

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