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Gyms in Sarrià, Barcelona

Written by Paula

Do you live in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and you want to start going to the gym? There are a number of gyms in this neighborhood, each with its own set of offers and coupons that allow you to exercise without having to pay registration or monthly fees.

Do you want to know which?

Gym offers in Barcelona

Photo via Stocksnap

Photo via Stocksnap

The most popular gym in this category is CEM Putxet, which has pools, spa and relaxation rooms, a sauna, and one of the most complete exercise rooms in Barcelona. CEM Putxet offers a variety of classes like yoga, pilates, aerobics, tai chi, etc. Using Gymforless you can buy a monthly discount pass that will allow you to go exercising for 30 days. The pass, which costs 59€, will be renewed each month until you decide to cancel it. If you are looking for a one-day pass, you can acquire one for only 7€.

Does 59€ per month seem to steep for you? Don’t worry, there are cheaper options! Dona 10 Alfonso XII charges only 29€ or 5€ if you choose to go only one day. This gym offers less than the previous one, but it is still well equipped.  The monthly pass can only be purchased every four months and the daily pass can only be used twice per month so that the gym doesn’t loose money.

5-day gym pass

Photo via Stocksnap

Photo via Stocksnap

Another great gym in the neighborhood is the one at Hotel Melià Barcelona Sarrià. This gym offers almost the exact same services provided by CEM Putxet, for a much lower price. You can exercise at Hotel Melià Barcelona Sarrià for one day for 5€ or 15€ if you want to have access to the spa. This gym doesn’t offer monthly deals, but it does allow you to buy 5-day packs, which cost 20€.

There are three more sports centers in Sarrià which you can learn more about by consulting the Gimnasios de Barcelona directory. The cheapest one is Centre Fitness Sarrià, which offers day passes for 5€, 5-day passes for 20€, and monthly passes for 30€.

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