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Secret tunnels in Barcelona

Established as one of the most important cities in Spain and Europe, Barcelona has truly magical, unusual and special places. As a city with a long and interesting history, we can find places not so well known by visitors to the city that are really exciting to visit, original places of Barcelona. If you are tired of visiting the same places over and over again and want to discover the most hidden corners of the city, in this ShBarcelona article we bring you closer to the secret tunnels of Barcelona.

Secret tunnels in Montjuïc

Photo via Pixabay

In the well-known district of Sants-Montjuïc is the coastal battery of General Álvarez de Castro. Specifically, in the gardens of Joan Brossa, near Montjuïc Castle, are the remains of the old weapons store used by the general and his men to keep their ammunition, back in the nineteenth century. Within this battery of war and weapons store, hides a gallery of secret tunnels through which they transported ammunition at that time.

Upon entering the building that houses the Parks and Gardens services in Joan Brossa‘s own garden, we can still see on the ground the traces of the rails of the wagons they used to transport howitzers, and although many of the tunnels were covered when they built the old Montjuïc amusement park, closed in 1998, it is said that they even connected with the Castle, which gives us an idea of how extensive these galleries were at the time.

To get to the Joan Brossa Gardens you can do it through the line 150 of the Barcelona bus network, until the stop of Miramar Avenue – Funicular Station.

Other underground tunnels in Barcelona

There are many theories about a city of labyrinths and secret tunnels hidden beneath Barcelona. One of these theories, located in the gardens of Can Altimira caves full of natural stalagmites, and natural water wells, some of these contaminated.

There is also the theory that the ancient Roman city of Barcino hid numerous passageways, tunnels and underground galleries that crossed the city to outside the limits of the wall that delimited it. Many are of the opinion that these tunnels are still intact under the city, a city with more secrets than they would have us believe.

Anti-aircraft shelters

In the midst of the Spanish Civil War, Barcelona suffered a large number of bombings, which made citizens build underground anti-aircraft shelters to protect themselves.

The best known refuges are those of Poblenou, known as Refugi 307 and which have little secret, as they can be visited through the Museum of History of Barcelona (MUHBA). They are tunnels about 400 meters long, with different rooms where the inhabitants of the city lived sheltered from the war. Its price is 3.40 € and can be visited on Sundays from 10:30 to 12:30.

There are many theories about underground Barcelona and the mysteries it hides, and it is really interesting to visit any of these hidden corners of Barcelona, an intriguing and exciting city that will never disappoint us.

What is the city’s favourite secret corner for you? Don’t forget to share your opinion with us through the comments!

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