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7 tips to survive the “rebajas” in Barcelona

Rebajas in Barcelona
Written by Sara Sousa

July in Barcelona: hot, sunny days, trips to the beach, strolls in the city… and “rebajas”! From July 1 through August 31, stores – mostly fashion, but also home appliances and decor – will cut their prices anywhere from 20% to 90%. It’s a great opportunity to buy that pair of jeans or smartphone you’ve been dreaming about!

We know sales shopping can be stressful, so here are some tips to help you:

1. Buy smart.

It’s really easy to get carried away during sales season, but unless you have a large budget, you need to ask yourself: “Do I really need this?”. Make a list, remember your budget and look for the best deals.

2. Go fast.

Sales in Barcelona

Image by ^Thais^ on Flickr

If there’s one particular item you’re after, don’t wait too long. Look for it at the beginning of the sales season and you’ll have better chances of finding what you want in your size and color of choice.

3. Go last.

While there will be more products to choose from at the start of the “rebajas”, on the final days prices will go further down. You won’t have as many choices, but you may find a great deal.

4. Don’t forget the web.

That’s right – most big retailers and online-based shops, like ASOS, are offering sales as well, which will be a relief for those who can’t stand waiting in line.

Rebajas Barcelona

Photo by alfonsobenayas on Flickr

5. You may need to take your passport.

In some shops, if you pay with your foreign credit card you may have to show your passport, so take it with you on your shopping spree.

6. Forget the weekends.

If you can, go during weekdays. The shops will be emptier and, of course, the lines will be smaller.

7. Have fun!

While shopping during sales season can be nerve racking at times, try to think about the bargains you will be walking away with! Going with friends can also be a good idea to make your “rebajas” trip an enjoyable experience.

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Sara Sousa is a full-time journalist and part-time dreamer-wanderluster.

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