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Most original bars and restaurants in Barcelona

Most original bars and restaurants in Barcelona
Written by Paula

Barcelona has a wide selection of bars and restaurants. Some offer traditional food and drinks at traditional settings, while some bet on innovation, exploring new ways to please the crowds.

Here is ShBarcelona’s list of the most original bars and restaurants in Barcelona.

bar cafe restaurant barcelonaIce Barcelona

Ice Barcelona is a bar made almost completely out of ice, sculpted by international artists like Marc Lepire and Sven Morawietz. Go to Ice Barcelona and experience temperatures as low as -5ºC (20ºF), equipped with winter coat and gloves, courtesy of the bar.

Ice Barcelona is located at Maritimo de la Barceloneta 38 A.

Bosc de les Fades

This wonderful bar/café is decorated with artificial trees, rocks, plants, dwarves, sirens, bridges and fountains offering an experience right out of a fairytale. There are many surprises to be discovered all around the establishment, like optical illusions, sly demons lurking in mirrors and, of course sweet and beautiful fairies. There is even an area of the café with a haunted room complete with scary figures, a floating person and “apparitions”.

Enter for a drink sitting in the main room, under the gorgeous artificial vegetation or enjoy one of the many hidden spots of this mysterious and magical forest, listening to the sound of the owls and the crickets.  If you are lucky, you will be able to experience one of the café’s most interesting moments, when the lights go down and you can hear the sound of rain and thunder, with bolts of lightning illuminating the room.

You can find Bosc de les Fades at Passatge Blanca number 7, right next to the Wax Museum.

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Dans le noir

Located at Passeo Picasso 10, Dans le noir is a restaurant where you can experience a meal in complete darkness. Some people may not realize it, but when we are deprived of one of our senses, all of our other senses are enhanced. With this concept in mind, Dans Le Noir temporarily eliminates our eyesight, challenging us to experience food like never before. Each dish is prepared such a way as to provide a rich, savory meal which awakens both the sense of smell and taste.

Espai sucre

Created by Jordi Butrón and Xano Saguer, Espai Sucre offers a brand new way of experiencing restaurant pastries. Espai Sucre is the first dessert restaurant in the world. The founders of the restaurant wanted to create an experience that would enhance the value of restaurant’s desserts, crossing the boundaries between sweet and savory.

Espai Sucre is located at Calle Princesa, 53.

bar cafe restaurant barcelonaEspit chupitos

Espit Chupitos is an internationally famous shot bar that offers more than 500 shots or “chupitos”. Visitors are in for a surprise with shots like Harry Potter, which is lit on fire, Viking, which involves a Viking hat and some severe head shaking, or Monica Lewinsky, served to the clients through a plastic phallus.

Espit Chupitos is located at Carrer d’Aribau 77.

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