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Why You Should Visit Can Paixano

Written by Walter Cullinan

Can Paixano, or “La Xampanyeria” as it’s known by the Barcelona locals, is a famous bar that’s been around in the city since 1969. Full of character and rustic qualities, it’s setting inside a former warehouse offers a unique atmosphere for great food and drinks. So if you’re looking for somewhere a little different to try in Barcelona, look no further than Can Paixano.

The bar

Photo by · skëne · via Visualhunt

The bar at Can Paixano offers a wide variety of beautiful tapas, sandwiches, and drinks. But the most famous thing there, of course, is the cava. Cava is a delicious, sparkling wine produced locally here in Catalonia, and Can Paixano is the perfect place to try a glass.

One of the best things about this bar is the atmosphere. Even from outside, you can hear the laughs, people enjoying themselves, and the general chaos of a busy bar. There are locals and visitors alike, squeezed in as they enjoy the atmosphere and each other’s company. There are no stools or seats, just standing tables where you can enjoy your food and drinks. This is the kind of place where you can bump into someone for a chat and end up talking for the whole night as the cava flows.

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Food and drinks

Photo by robertorodriguex via Visualhunt

In addition to the cava, Can Paixano is renowned for its food. They serve Bocadillos, which are sandwiches but made with a rustic barra de pan, a baguette-style loaf bread. They are perfect to prepare you for a few glasses or bottles of cava on the side. They are typically made using simple ingredients like Serrano ham, grilled pork, sausage, meat, cheese, tuna or omelet. As Spain is famous for its cured and seasoned meat, these bocadillos are full of flavor. They’re often moistened by rubbing tomato on the bread or drizzling it with olive oil, often both. This makes them a great snack at the bar as they are quick to prepare and serve, not too messy, and very filling. They have the menu on a huge blackboard on the wall, along with a fine display of mouthwatering options to help you make your choice.

Their cava is surprisingly cheap up until 5 pm when you can buy a bottle for just €4.45. The rest of the day you can get a glass of cava for €1.40. Their only policy is that when you order a bottle of cava, you have to order food as well. You can also go to the back of the restaurant where you can buy a bottle to take home from their cellar for just €2.25.

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Location and opening times

The location of Can Paixano is perfect, right in the center of Barceloneta, near the port, Gothic Quarter and the beach. The address is Carrer de la Reina, Christina 7 and it’s open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 22:30.

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Walter is a writer from Ireland, Barcelona is like a second home for him with something new to explore every day.

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