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E-Sports Bars in Barcelona

Written by Miguel

If you’re a fan of football, it’s easy to find a place to sit down with a beer while watching your favorite team play, surrounded by fellow supporters or rivals. But if you’re an E-Sports fan, most of the time you’re limited to staying home playing or watching a stream and chatting online. Unless you’re in South Korea, where some consider Starcraft to be a national sport and it is often televised.

Lucky for you, E-Sporleage of legendsts Bars are a growing phenomenon all over the world. They are just like other bars, except instead of watching a La Liga bout, you can watch League of Legends. It’s just like any other social place where you can have fun with friends and meet people with similar interests. And in this case, if you waste your life sitting at a bar, you can always find another one and restart the game!

What exactly are E-Sports?

With the advance of technology, video games became even more popular than they already were as a form of entertainment. Even more, they started to be seen as an artistic medium and even as a sport – it all depends on the type of game you’re talking about. This generated more and more interest in competitive gaming. Just like in chess, a sport that isn’t exactly about physical skill, E-sports rely on other characteristics like eye-hand coordination, reaction time and puzzle solving.

Where can I play or watch them in Barcelona?

There are two bars like this in Barcelona at the moment, but the current trend will surely keep them popping up all around Spain.


Marià Cubí, 192 08021 – Barcelona

Afterlife combines exciting tournaments with delicious food and refreshing beverages. You can play, watch, eat and drink in a modern place full of other gamers. Find out more at their official website.

Blitzbarbars barcelona

Passeig de Valldaura, 262, 08016 Barcelona

Blitzbar Barcelona is another excellent offer for this segment. With a good selection of games to choose from, fun is never lacking. Find out more at their official website.

Whether you win or lose, just make sure to have fun doing what you love!

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Miguel is a freelance writer and copywriter who believes that words can really take you places - so hop on his words and dare to discover the wonders of Barcelona with him.

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