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Philosophy, Art and Unpredictability at Ring de Filosofía

Written by Alise

It turns out that philosophy is not just studying dead guys’ thoughts in a university classroom; philosophy can be a contemporary, living, breathing spectacle, as Ignasi Poveda and Luis González-Mérida demonstrate in their one-of-a-kind event, Ring de Filosofía. With the dynamism and intensity of rap battles, all the energy of humor, and the intertwining of other creative arts, this popular event allows contestants to debate one another on philosophical concepts.

The Birth of the Ring de Filosofía

Having met one another at the university whilst studying philosophy, Ignasi and Luis realized that there was an enormous gap between the halls of higher education and the rest of the civilian population with regards to this subject. With the ambitious mission of, as Ignasi puts it, “to break the walls of academia and cause a profound sociological impact through engaging content that arouses a renewed interest in wisdom, for both students of the subject all those who never read a book of philosophy or science,” the two put on their first event just six months ago. Held at Mutuo Arts Center, it turned out to be a huge success as over 100 people attended. Mutuo’s Lucas Rojas subsequently joined the team and helped them to host two more events, first at Inusual Project and then Addicted to Life– the latter having been attended by almost 250 people and including a performance of a musical group (Tropical Shaman) as the opening act and a DJ (Paradigmantra) after the competition.

What is a Ring de Filosofía?

The Ring de Filosofía consists of 8 contestants who must defend certain philosophical ideas.

However, they are unaware of the positions they must argue until immediately before going onstage, thus lending the entire event a dynamic, improvisational feel. A jury is chosen at random amongst audience members, and in each round they decide who will continue and who will be eliminated. What makes the event extra special is the variety of artistic talents that the contestants bring to the table; not only do they use rhetorical tactics to argue, but they incorporate performance, storytelling, music, or dance, for example, to express their point of view.

The Future

ring de filosofia addicted to lifeRing de Filosofía will be closing out for the season with one very special event in association with RED Cultural Barcelona, a new organization dedicated to the proliferation of arts in the city. This event will again showcase a live band and DJ, with the overall goal of the festival to promote art that is less consumerist and more experimental in nature.  The title will thus be “REDvolution” and will happen on 17 June at Utopia 126 (Selva de Mar metro, yellow line) at 9:00 P.M.

For more information, check out Ring de Filosofía on their facebook page.

About the author


Alise is a spoken word poet, writer, and a dance and yoga enthusiast living in Barcelona.

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