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Spanish and Catalan cuisine

Restaurants in the Collserola Mountain Range

Written by Daniella

The Collserola mountain range is the green lung that borders the northwest of Barcelona and you can find a labyrinth of interesting, and sometimes unknown, paths and tracks here. Within the Natural Park of the Sierra de Collserola there are several bars and restaurants that serve typical Catalan cuisine. This might be an appealing option if you prefer to spend a quiet day outside of, but still close to, the Catalan capital. Today, this article by ShBarcelona will tell you more about restaurants that are located in the mountains near the city, which are ideal if you want to try real Catalan cuisine.

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Discover restaurants in the Collserola mountains

Photo by albert.izquierdo via Visualhunt

The first restaurant we would like to share with you is Santa Creu d’Olorda, located at BV1468, Km 6. It is a straightforward restaurant, located on a plateau next to playgrounds and a picnic area. It has two restaurants, one that opens in winter and one that opens in summer. The winter restaurant has an indoor dining room and terrace. The summer restaurant only has outdoor tables, but they are in the shade of the trees, like a true picnic area. The food served here is simple, but tasty and you get good value for money. Try their grilled meat (lamb, sausage, chicken, black pudding or chorizo), with a garnish of beans, potatoes, salad or mushrooms. Their patatas bravas and potatoes with garlic aioli are also very popular, as well as their tortillas, which is one of the restaurant’s specialities. Service at Santa Creu d’Olorda is fast and waiters are very friendly. If you plan on visiting this place during the weekend, prepare to take a number and wait until a table is no longer occupied. As it is not possible to make reservations in advance, you will always need to wait for your number to be called. The surroundings are absolutely perfect, because of the elevation it is at. The restaurant has clear and good views and there is always a nice little breeze. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a quiet moment, visit Santa Creu d’Olorda on weekdays. The restaurant is visited by many hikers and cyclists.

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Photo by Cesar Vellido via Visualhunt

Another good option for a restaurant in the Collserola mountains is Masía Can Sardà, located on the road from Barcelona to Horta, in the municipality of Cerdanyola del Vallès. This restaurant serves typical Catalan and seasonal dishes. We can recommend the cargols a la llauna (snails), their grilled meat, calçots, carn d’olla (soup with meat balls), esqueixada (salad of tomatoes, onion, olive oil, vinegar and pieces of fish) and their Catalan salad. The restaurant has several dining rooms and a terrace, with a fireplace in the middle. Their service is fast and you will enjoy their good quality dishes, although prices seem to have increased in the last couple of years. Weekends are very busy, but luckily it is possible to make reservations in advance. Our last recommendation is restaurant Casa Juaco, a barbecue and Catalan cuisine restaurant, that stands out for its desayunos de forquilla (a hearty breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages, but also beans, for example). It is frequented by many cyclists, and of course people who like a big breakfast also find their way to this restaurant. For a modest price you can choose between several dishes, and get roasted bread with tomato, a drink and coffee with it.

Do you know any of these restaurants? Did you like it there?

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