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Bacoa: the best burger in Barcelona?

Bacoa: the best burger in Barcelona?
Written by Priyankaa

Whilst the humble hamburguesa is not generally associated with traditional Spanish or Catalan cuisine, Barcelona’s appetite for a gourmet style burger is only increasing with more and more burger joints opening up.

Enter Bacoa: arguably Barcelona’s best gourmet burger chain, which opened its doors in 2010 as one of the pioneers of Barcelona’s burger scene. It now has four branches dotted around the city, the largest of which can be found at Ronda de la Universitat, 31.

Baca restuarantSo what makes Bacoa so special?

As it says on their website, Bacoa transforms fast food in to good food. Indeed, its soft brioche buns, organic beef and use of local Spanish produce is a million miles away from any burger you might find in a generic American fast food chain.

In fact, Bacoa’s charm comes from the fact it isn’t trying to emulate the typical American style diner, but proudly boasts its use of Spanish hams, manchego cheese and even offers patatas bravas on the menu (which are definitely worth a try!).

The extensive menu caters for everyone from the raging meat lover to the gluten-free vegan. It even has options for the health conscious, with the choice of having a burger without the bun and extra salad or a ‘lite’ wholemeal bun and no mayo.

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Is it too good to be true?!

Well, given the variety on offer, the burgers are much better than you’d expect for €6-8 euros. That’s not to mention the mouthwatering sides and extras including garlic roasted potatoes and juicy caramelized onions. Furthermore, you can choose from the free tantalizing sauces placed on every table, such as the sweet ketchup or salsa picante. Drinks aren’t expensive either – you can grab a beer or a generous glass of wine for around €2.

Bacoa sauces

A no-fuss dining experience…

Bacoa’s décor is stylish and quirky and the atmosphere is extremely inviting. Whether you’re meeting friends for dinner or grabbing a takeaway on your way home from work, Bacoa is the perfect place to go.

Instead of traditional table service (which can be somewhat of a hassle), Bacoa has a unique and intelligent ordering system. You simply tick what bread, patty, extras and sides you like on an order form, hand it to the member of staff behind the till and pay up front, with no faffing around!

Despite the fact that on busy days, there might be queues lining up outside the burger joint, its quick and efficient system means that you’re generally not left waiting more than 15 minutes.

If you are a burger lover, or fancy trying a new take on an old classic, I’m pretty sure that Bacoa won’t disappoint…

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Priyankaa is a Hispanic Studies graduate from the University of Birmingham.

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