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Top 5 Sushi Restaurants in Barcelona

Written by heather

Not too long ago, eating raw fish was a foreign and outlandish concept to the European people. However, as the sushi culture started expanding into this continent, people started realizing how delicious raw fish can be and what was once considered strange suddenly became a trend. That is why you will find a large number of sushi restaurants in any of the major European cities, including the Catalan capital.

If you are planning to go out for sushi soon but don’t know who serves the best in town, here are our recommendations of the top 5 sushi restaurants in Barcelona.

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Photo via Pexels

With two restaurants, both located in the Gothic neighborhood, Sushiya is a favorite among the sushi-loving crowd for their fairly priced offer, their delicious food and the impeccable treatment by the staff, which always makes you feel welcome. At Sushiya you will be able to feast on such delicious treats as tuna tartar sashimi, tempura sushi, kakiague, edamame, torikara, tonkatsu, and nigiri. Both of the restaurants are small and they fill up fast during lunchtime and dinner, so if you want to get a table without having to stand in line for too long, try to get there early.

Address: Carrer de Quintana, 4 and  Carrer del Cometa, 3

Àsia amb Gràcia

A young enterprise located in the heart of Gràcia, Asia amb Gràcia is a take away restaurant that offers wok dishes as well as sushi and rolls. In the sushi department, you will find a variety of nigiri, made with salmon, avocado, tuna, shrimp, smoked brie, foie, and even eel! There is also a great variety of makis, with the most exotic one being the mango one. They also offer futomaki made with Philadelphia cheese and salmon, spicy tuna, and foie and strawberries tempura. As if all of that wasn’t enough, their menu also includes Californa makis, sashimis, and gunkans. The ordering is easy: make your selection with the tick form, pay at the counter y ya esta. 

Address: Plaça del Diamant, 5

Sushi Shop

Photo via Pexels

Sushi Shop has two take away sushi restaurants in Barcelona. At Sushi shop, you will find not only the basic types of sushi but also other exquisitely prepared combinations, such as the sushi served in the Kei Kobayashi collection, which includes the Gravlax Salmon Roll, the Gyu Special Roll, and the Garden Maki. They also have a limited edition summer collection which includes the Pineapple Samba California, and the Spicy Salmon and Papaya Spring Roll. The prices at Sushi Shop are higher than those of the regular sushi take away restaurants in the city but that is justified by the quality of the food they serve. If you make your order online rather than picking it up at the store, you can even track your order, and count the seconds until you be able to place that first nigiri in your mouth!

Address: Avenida Diagonal, 602 and Passatge de la Concepció, 2

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“All you can eat”, a sentence that every sushi lover wants to hear. The prices offered by this sushi restaurant are low (lunchtime menu is 10€ per person while dinner is priced at 15€) but don’t be put off by this: the fish is fresh and there is a large selection of both hot and cold dishes to choose from. Take a seat next to the quintessential sushi train and help yourself to the sushi buffet until your stomach is content. If you are very hungry or if you have limited time to eat, choose your meal time wisely as Toyo does not accept reservations.

Address: Carrer Torrent de L’Olla, 10


Photo via Pexels

This establishment boasts an international chef who has worked in some of the finest restaurants across the world. Matsuri has a sizeable selection of sushi plates to choose from, such as the tempura shrimp and avocado maki, the fried salmon maki with caviar, nigiri with tuna and foie, the crab and lettuce temaki, and even the aphrodisiac “Tiger’s Eye” sushi made with salmon eggs, quail eggs, and teriyaki sauce. They also serve main dishes such as Pad Thai, Udon, Yakisoba, and Tendon. Matsuri is designed to create a relaxing zen atmosphere, bringing peace and tranquility to an otherwise busy and cramped neighborhood.

Address: Carrer del Regomir, 1

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