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Renting a Motorcycle in Barcelona

man sitting sideways on motorcycle
Written by Daniella

There are several possibilities when it comes to choosing a means of transport to use in and around the Catalan capital. Most people – and most environmental-friendly –  is travelling by public transport.

The metro is the fastest and operates at regular intervals, but many citizens and visitors also like the bus, because it gives them the opportunity to observe the city. The bus is, however, much slower, because of road traffic.

Besides the metro and bus you can also take the train or commuter train. They are quite similar to the metro, but the network is not as extensive when you want to use it within the city’s boundaries. Another means of transport is the taxi or VTC (Vehículos de Transporte Concertado, like Cabify), but this option is mostly reserved for special occasions, meetings at a specific time, or other moments you would otherwise prefer travelling by car.

Those who visit the city of Barcelona often opt for car rental, as this allows you to be more independent.

 Today, however, this article by ShBarcelona will discuss a totally different, but also a very useful way of travelling around the city: renting a motorbike. Barcelona, after Rome, is one of the cities with the most motorbike and scooter users.

For several years now, it has been very comfortable to move around the city on a motorcycle or scooter, so today, we will tell you all about where to rent a motorbike in Barcelona.

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Where to rent a motorcycle or scooter in Barcelona

Moto Rent

motrocycle in nature

Photo via Pixabay

One of the motorcycle rental companies operating in Barcelona is Moto Rent. This company rents out different types of motorcycles, and some of these are high capacity motorbikes, while others are more suitable for urban travelling.

Moto Rent’s two shops are both in the district of Eixample in Barcelona. The rental company also has energy-efficient electric scooters for rent. These are super easy and convenient to move swiftly through Barcelona’s streets.

Other options at Moto Rent are, for example, scooters, mega scooters, touring bikes, sports bikes, adventure touring bikes and cruisers.


You have surely already seen some of the Cooltra scooters parked alongside the streets of Barcelona. They have the best models of electric motorcycles, with brands like Askoll and Govecs (from 50cc to 125cc).

They also have the powerful 400cc Zero DS Electric sports bike, which is ideal for anyone who needs something a little more aggressive.

But if you want, you can also rent a maxi scooter from exclusive brands like Yamaha or Suzuki (from 400cc to 650cc). These maxi scooters are ideal if you will also be taking tours outside of the city, as they are a lot more powerful.

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Best Rent a Scooter

engine of motorcycle

Photo via Pixabay

Our last suggestion is Best Rent a Scooter. They have – as their name gives away – the best motorcycles and scooters, but they also rent out other, larger vehicles.

This company offers very competitive prices, and even better, you can also enjoy their special service, delivering the bike to your front door. Best Rent a Scooter is located in the neighbourhood of Camp d’en Grassot y Gràcia Nova, at Carrer de Sicília 322.

Best Rent a Scooter’s clients consist of both companies and individuals, and their rates will fit anyone’s budget. The option of bringing the bike to you, however, is not the only special service Best Rent a Scooter has to offer, because this motorbike rental company also gives you the chance to rent a vehicle with the option to buy, so leasing it.

Although this service is not well-known among many bike users, it is a very interesting option worth considering, because it lets you try out a bike, before deciding to actually buy it.

Are you familiar with these motorcycle rental companies?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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