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Meet Über Den Wolken, a new creative space in the Raval district

Written by Adriana

In this warm space-gallery-shop you will find second hand clothes acquired by the owner and creator of this project, Julia Breiter, in markets of Italy, Germany, Spain and France. Is this one more vintage shop in the Raval area? No, it isn’t… in Über Den Wolken colthes and accessories, artistic collabs in the gallery and the courses that are taught are chosen, selected and delivered with love, care and a really good taste. Also the prices are much more affordable! Let’s know more about this project and its creator…

Could you tell us who and what is Über Den Wolken?

Julia: Über den Wolken is a fusion of ideas and creativity, a place where you can buy vintage clothes at good prices and also do a cooking course, for example, or participate in an art exhibition. Anything can happen… there are no limits to this new store model.

How did the name Über Den Wolken come up?

Julia: Über den Wolken means “above the clouds” in German. For some “ears” German can sound loud and harsh but it is actually a simple and poetic language. These three words say it all: my background, the present of this project, a place where there are no walls or boundries, and hope for a future that we can create with our strength and imagination.

Why did you decide to open this space in the Raval?

Julia: The Raval for me is, of Barcelona, the most colorful and interesting site where you can live dramatic contrasts: touristic but underground at the same time, multicultural but historically authentic.

Is it hard to compete with all the commercial, cultural and artistic life of this area?

Julia: Absolutely… you are always surrounded by interesting projects, especially in a city like Barcelona. But for me this is not a competition, they are just sources of inspiration.

You recently opened a gallery space with the tattooists collective “Think it. Ink it “, how do you choose the artists you collaborate with?

Julia: I just “go with the flow” as in everything … You put the first stones and everything seems to flow. For me, they are all incredibly talented artists, connected through contacts also equally talented and bright.

How do you rate the experience of starting a project in Barcelona being a foreigner? Do you recommend it?

Julia: I recommend to anyone starting their project, although I warn you that things never turn out as one thought it would be, the invested hours and energy… but I think everything worth it! Being a foreigner I can easily spot the differences between local realities and cultural references that I have, and use the latter to turn it over to the local reality and transform it into a new idea.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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