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Living in Barcelona

Why you should choose Barcelona as your Erasmus destination

Written by Paula

Barcelona is an amazing city to live and study in. With its fantastic weather, a delicious gastronomic offer, a variety of cultural sites and a plethora of events happening all year round, it is the ideal place for young people who want to have an international experience in Europe. Need to hear more? Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Barcelona as your Erasmus destination.

For the weather

Photo via Pexels

If you come from a rainy city or somewhere that gets covered in snow during the winter and you feel like you have had enough it, you will absolutely love Barcelona. The city has a mild Mediterranean weather that consists of mostly sunny days with very little rain throughout the year. And if you hate spending too much time indoors, you will revel in the fact that there are enough parks, mountains, and beaches to spend most of your free time at.

For the food

Not a foodie? Well, you will become one while studying in Barcelona. The city merges so many cultures that it is easy to go on a culinary tour of the world without ever leaving Barcelona. French cuisine? Yes. Italian cuisine? Most certainly. Brazilian cuisine? You got it! Forget counting calories and just give yourself permission to explore all of the gastronomic abundance that the Catalan capital has to offer. And if you start running low on cash, skip the restaurant and go to a tapas bar. If you look for the right ones you’ll be able to eat pintxos for 1€ a piece!

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For the festivals

Photo via Pexels

Barcelona is heaven for the music freaks. There are a number music festivals that happen throughout the year, bringing some of the legends of the music world and fresh new sounds to be discovered. Though there are smaller events earlier in the year, the festival season kicks into hight gear around the end of May, with Primavera Sound, followed by Sónar, Rock Fest, Festival de Pedralbes, and DGTL.

For the nightlife

Even if you came to the city to study, there will be moments when you will want to reward yourself with a much deserved night of partying. Barcelona has no shortage of nightclubs, some of which hold special events every night of the week. The Olympic Port area is dotted with some of the best discos, like Shôko, Opium, Catwalk, and Pacha. There are other major clubs in other areas of the city, like Razzmatazz and Sala Apolo, which are constantly hosting concerts.

For the quirkiness

Photo via Pixabay

In Barcelona, you will be able to take park in a series of interesting and quirky activities you might not have the chance to try somewhere else. Want to step into a bathtub full of wine? Go to Aqua Hotel Onabrava & Spa. Want to have a drink inside a bar made of ice? Head on down to IceBarcelona. Want to see a collection of old-timey funerary cars? Go to the Funerary Car Museum. There are plenty of activities to choose from and probably not enough time to experience them all.

For the friendships

Barcelona is a great place to make friends. Lots of young people from around the world come to Barcelona on Erasmus or to live and work. This is a city where Meetup is very popular, which means there are literally hundreds of groups you can join, to meet people who share common interests with you.

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For the folklore

Catalans are very patriotic people and exploring their customs and beliefs is a very interesting and enriching experience.

Photo via Pixabay

Have you ever heard of the Caga Tió, a Christmas log that kids hit with sticks in order to receive presents? What about the Caganer, a pooping figurine that is usually present in the Nativity scene? You will learn about both and probably buy one of each for yourself if you come to Barcelona during the Christmas season.

But don’t worry, if you come any other time of the year you will still get to experience very Catalan traditions, such as joining a bonfire during the night of Sant Joan, giving or receiving a book or a rose on the day of Sant Jordi, and avoid getting singed during the Festa Major’s correfoc demonstrations.

And, let’s not forget, for the education

Barcelona has a number of highly-regarded universities, some public and some private. Universitat Pompeu de Fabra, Universitat de Barcelona, and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona are amongst the most popular ones. Whether you are studying Social Sciences, Psychology, Economics, Communications or even Civil Engineering, you will find a highly ranked university in Barcelona where you can spend a couple of months studying.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for you to choose Barcelona as your Erasmus destination. Whatever time of the year you choose to come in, we are sure your experience will be unforgettable.

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