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Sell a flat in Barcelona

How to Prepare Your Barcelona Apartment to Sell

brown leather sofa - prepare your barcelona apartment to sell
Written by Daniella

Knowing how to prepare your Barcelona apartment to sell is just as important as setting the price and collecting all the right documents. Attracting the right people to your property and giving them the idea that this is their dream home can be done, but you must take some elements into consideration. ShBarcelona will tell you in this article what those elements are.

The importance of an apartment for everyone

The first aspect we will focus on today is that, once you have made the decision to sell your property, that you should start looking at it through a property buyer’s point of view. And we will repeat this several times in this article, but one should always keep in the back of their mind that the interior should be as neutral as possible. This way it is easier to observe and adapt to personal taste.

When there is a viewing at your apartment people want to be able to imagine what it is like living there. So that is why creating balance is of the utmost importance, because many people can’t look past personal items or an overload of decorations. For at least a large part of your target group this would make the apartment difficult to observe, and therefore they would lose interest.

We don’t want you to start doubting yourself when you are about to prepare your Barcelona apartment to sell, so that is why we have come up with a short guide on how to impress potential buyers. Follow our tips so every property viewing ends well and buyers can’t wait to make an offer!

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9 Keys to getting a property ready to sell

Clean every room and every corner

The first action to take when selling your property in Barcelona, and getting positive results swiftly, is cleaning every inch of the apartment thoroughly. Check each and every drawer, clean electrical appliances (also the bottom), and look specifically at those elements that are not usually part of your cleaning routine.

Painting damaged walls

Once you are done cleaning, you may have discovered scratches or dents in walls that can’t be removed with a damp cloth. If this is the case, you are better off painting those rooms. A fresh layer of paint not only looks cleaner, but it also more attractive during viewings. People don’t just look with their eyes, they can also smell that new paint.

Organize every space

You will never score during a viewing if your house is filled with clutter. So it is not just about cleaning, but also about organizing. Too much stuff will prevent a potential buyer from picturing himself living in that space. Throw away what you don’t need anymore, and put everything where it belongs, whether it concerns your mail of utensils. That’s what cabinets and drawers are made for.

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Make rooms less personal

As we already discussed, one of the necessary steps to follow when putting your house up for sale is removing every element that is too personal. Family photographs and religious or political visual aspects can keep potential buyers from making an offer. Remember that selling your house is a business transaction and the new owners of your home don’t have to agree with your personal tastes or interests.

Anything broken? Repair or discard

This is the same as with the damaged walls we talked about before. So if there is any furniture that is broken, do what you can to improve the situation. If you still have a little budget to improve the house and make a better first impression, invest in anything that can speed up the process of selling of your property.

Make some changes

You have probably lived in your house for a while now, and that is when you get used to your style and your decorations. To get a fresher look, go out and get some new plants to brighten up a room, or change the curtains or cushions to add a that touch. These little details may help your potential buyers see the place in an entirely different light than before.

dining room with table, chairs and wall decorations

Apartment ready to sell

Make sure the temperature is comfortable

If you have already moved out of the place, don’t forget to keep the conditions of the rooms as when you lived there. A potential buyer will feel much more at home during viewing if he can relax and feel a certain level of comfort.

Ventilation and light

The same goes for closing and opening your curtains and windows if you don’t live in the apartment anymore. Open windows for fresh air and to let any humidity evaporate.  Open the curtains to let the natural daylight come in and shine on the apartments unique features. Research shows that daylight is one of the most in demand characteristics when buying a house.

Stimulate the buyer’s senses

Making your potential buyer feel right at home as soon as he steps over the threshold will do wonders for your viewings. Leave a little music on in the background, or spray some light perfume in the room to make the experience of visiting your apartment for the first time a pleasant one.

Now that you know what tricks ShBarcelona uses when we prepare a Barcelona apartment to sell, it’s time for you to put these tips into practice. With these tips, the excellent planning of viewings and setting the right price it will be possible to get a deal much sooner than you might think.

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