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5 Preparations For Renting Out Your Apartment

Written by Laura

Some people possess empty apartments or homes, perhaps in their possession due to inheritance, and are not quite sure what to do with them. Usually, the first thing people consider is how to make a profit off of it, by either selling or renting out your apartment.

Right now the real estate market is in full swing, and it can be interesting to consider the option of renting out your apartment for the financial gain you can receive, especially in large urban cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, where the real estate market is even more active.

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While it’s true that rental apartments are currently in high demand and the process of renting out your apartment isn’t too complicated, there are a series of conditions in mind in order for you to be able to rent out your apartment faster and for the best price.

Today in this article from ShBarcelona, we’ll be talking about how to prepare for renting out your house

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How to prepare for renting out your apartment

Although there is a large demand for rental apartments and flats, especially in Barcelona, a flat in bad condition will cost you much more to rent out, as it’s likely that the renter will be expect a lower monthly price until the landlord fixes the problems of repairs.

red kitchen

Photo via Pixabay

Paint walls

Firstly, it is important to paint the walls, which tend to become stained and worn due to the either humidity and just long use. Painting the walls will give the apartment an air of cleanliness and newness.

It is always recommended to opt for neutral colors, such as different tones of white or beige. You should also try to eliminate stains caused by moisture in the apartment (common in humid areas like Barcelona), especially those found in the shower and sink.

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Clean tiles and appliances

Using silicone or another cleaning solution and cleaning the tiles that have turned discolored will make the apartment far more presentable.

Items that are used daily, such as the stove, sink and shower, should be in good condition, since the opposite will make a bad first impression of the apartment and cause you to lose more than one potential tenant.

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light bathroom with bath

Photo via Pixabay

Inspect installations

Getting an inspection of the apartment’s facilities is recommended so that future tenants won’t experience unexpected problems. Make sure that the water tank, drains and electricity are all are working, change out the outlets and switches if needed, and clean or varnish the flooring so it looks clean and modern.

Remember that, if the tenant has problems, it will likely be up to the landlord (you) to make repairs as well as pay for them, and probably early on in the renter’s lease.

Rent an apartment in Barcelona

Check insulation

In addition, checking to make sure that there is correct insulation will you to save a lot of money on supplies, which can be very helpful.

Add furniture or update fabrics

If the apartment has furniture, they should be simple, attractive and practical, as well as clean and comfortable, of course.

living room with balcony, renting out your apartment

Photo via Pixabay

If necessary, it can be useful to change the upholstery on sofas and chairs or paint chairs or a chest of drawers that are damaged – this will give a sense of cleanliness that potential renters will notice and appreciate.

The furniture doesn’t need to be expensive or especially luxurious, it should just be comfortable, clean and in good condition.  

Do you have other advice regarding preparing an empty apartment for rent?

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