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Our property for sale in Barcelona

Do you own a flat in Barcelona and are you interested in selling it safely, avoiding unpleasant surprises?
Since 2000, ShBarcelona has been advising about buying/selling properties in Barcelona, providing a tailored follow-up of the different stages of the procedure.

Our professionals
Our agents place their knowledge about the real estate market in Barcelona at your disposal, seriously and transparently, from the valuation of your property until the signing of the deed.

Taking into consideration the latest transactions in the area, the current demand and the interest rate offered by the market, ShBarcelona will guide you when defining the right selling price for your property.
We will prepare the product commercialization, the visits to the property, the price negotiation and the terms of the transaction; we will also take care of the booking and deposit documents, and of obtaining all the public and private documents needed to sign the Public Act, always considering your opinion. Our team will take care of the entire process.





All the commercialized products benefit from optimal visibility in the 'online' and 'offline' media. Thousands of potential customers visit our site daily; we are listed on the main real estate sites as well as the most popular social networks. This helps us reach a great range of clients, from investors to local buyers. In any case your property will not go unnoticed!



Created in 2000, ShBarcelona belongs to the Official Real Estate Agent Association, Apartur and the Properties Administrators Association. All of these institutions, on top of a vast list of companies, business schools and universities from all over the world support our management and efficient working practices.



Our Internet communication strategy along with our multilingual team will grant you the widest visibility of your house both nationally and internationally.

Before selling, did you think about carrying out any work? You will be surprised at how, with a small budget, your apartment would have much more value in the market. Check it through our profitability calculator
Rentability calculator

Our team

Valentina Fierro
Department Director

Phone number: 934521347+411
Cellphone number: 681008181

Office: Casanova 99, Barcelona
Sergi Peris de la Cruz
Sales Assistant

Phone number: 934521347+412
Cellphone number: 653760138

Office: Casanova 99, Barcelona
Roger Granda
Sales Representative

Phone number: 934521347+433
Cellphone number: 620458220

Office: Casanova 99, Barcelona
Albert Caravaca
Sales Representative

Phone number: 934521347+423
Cellphone number: 685512870

Office: Casanova 99, Barcelona
Abel Pujol
Sales Representative

Phone number: 934521347+463
Cellphone number: 689639567

Office: Casanova 99, Barcelona


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