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Traditional Bakeries in Eixample

rustic breads
Written by Daniella

Buying bread for breakfast or lunch is a daily activity for most people in Barcelona, and for a couple of years now the bread-making industry has been competing to provide better high-quality products.

Luckily, there are traditional bakeries throughout the entire city of Barcelona that have never lowered the quality of their freshly baked and delicious bread, despite feeling the pressure of shops that sell low-cost bread now.

Today, this article by ShBarcelona will focus on some of the city’s most traditional bakeries, and in particular the ones in the district of Eixample, which is one of the most popular and much-requested districts to live in in the Catalan capital.

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The most traditional bakeries in Barcelona

Panadería Valero Forn Tradicional

bread cut in half

Photo via Pixabay

Valero Traditional Bakery is located at Carrer de Londres, 12. This bakery is very passionate about its bread and pastries. The team is constantly looking for the best ingredients and manufacturing techniques, in order for their customers to enjoy the best bakery products.

Valero is a family business, and this family has been making bread and pastries for more than five decades. Their experience and consistent quality has resulted in opening up many more bakeries, always selling their best products.

L’Art del Pa

L’Art del Pa is located at Carrer de Provença, 197. This bakery sells very tasty bread and handmade pastries, made with excellent quality ingredients and with a lot of attention to detail.

The bakery sells fresh bread every day, and top quality ingredients are being used. Their service is great, and we would absolutely recommend trying their warm cheese croissant!

La Delicia Fast Food & Caffe Shop

La Delicia Fast Food & Caffe Shop can be found at Carrer de Casanova, 157. This bakery has opened in 2012, when Cataño, Maria Eugenia and Carlos came up with a splendid idea. First, they studied it for a while, then they executed it and ever since the start they have improved their business.

Their main idea was to introduce, reinforce and expand Latin American gastronomy in the city. This resulted in a daring, but authentic fusion kitchen: a Colombian and Catalan cafeteria, that also sells general bakery products and pastries.

Doing something different is not always that easy, but nothing is impossible, so with the best suppliers, partners and a great team they are proud to offer good quality products.

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chocolate brownies

Photo via Pixabay

Crustó is located at Carrer de Valencia, 246. Every day the bakery’s team prepares pastries and different artisan breads (up to 50!) in many shapes and sizes: a classic bread, wholemeal bread, spelt bread, rye bread, Khorasan wheat bread (also called Kamut), whole grain bread, cornbread, white bread, and several breads to which oil, nuts, olives, cheese or onion have been added.

They also sell delicious homemade pastries, made every day with 100% natural and high-quality ingredients. Take for example Crustó’s authentic butter croissants, their pains au chocolat and their cakes (like a plumcake).

Forn Sarret

Forn Sarret is located at Carrer de Girona, 73. Every bread is made by hand during the night, by using sourdough and natural yeast. They only sell bread with 100% natural ingredients at Forn Sarret.

Each type of bread has its specific time of kneading, resting and fermenting, and this is done for several hours in wooden crates, just until they have reached the right time to be baked in a stone oven. This oven is responsible for every bread having its characteristic flavour and aroma.

Is there another traditional bakery in Eixample that you can recommend?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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