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Pintxos in Barcelona – Pick up one !

Written by Damien

Every city in the world has their own characteristics- these can include how people like to spend their leisure time, what their favorite sports are, and what they like to drink and eat.

Those people, who have decided to make Barcelona their home, either short-term or long-term, will obviously in need to begin to look for Barcelona rentals. Either if their needs are for short-term or long term rental, they will soon discover that the best place to find what good value in Barcelona real estate is will only be discovered at ShBarcelona. Apartment hunting need never be a painful experience and the friendly and experience people at ShBarcelona will make sure that finding an apartment will be as easy as eating Pintxos, the city’s favorite delicacy.

Pintxos can best be described as the Basque equivalent of tapas – wide variety bite-sized delicacies served on freshly baked local bread.

Anytime of the day or night in Barcelona, you will see people picking on a plate full of Pintxos. According to Basque tradition and etiquette, you should never pick up a Pintxos with your fingers instead use the larger than life toothpick that has been pressed into the heart of every one of the Pintxos on the plate. When you come to visit for your bill then the Pintxos bar owner will rapidly count the number of toothpicks and calculate your bill accordingly.

Once that important piece of Barcelona culture has been taken on board, then it is time to discover all the different toppings that you can have on your Pintxos.

Among the best variations of Pintxos is chicken tempura made talked with saffron mayonnaise, melted provolone with a douche a combination of mango and ham, or even a mini-brochette of pork.

Whatever your taste in Pintxos might turn out to be, you can always wash it down with a glass of cold beer or even a bottle of txakolí, the sparkling Basque white wine which is a particular favorite of the locals.

Picking up on Pintxos is a sure sign that you have began to absorb one of the favorite pastimes of the locals and makes the decision you made to  rent a flat in Barcelona so much more sensible to help you enjoy the life in this vibrant and exciting city even more.

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