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How To Open Your Own Food Truck Business in Barcelona

Barcelona's food trucks
Written by Brian S

Aspiring chefs who have the time and money to put into the preparation process of making a nice meal at any given time might be inclined to try their hand at opening their own eatery. That doesn’t have to mean opening a restaurant, however, which can be quite expensive. Instead, they could consider the growing popularity of the much more affordable food truck business. This trend reached Barcelona just a few years ago, but it’s really heating up lately. Now is the perfect time to get into the food truck business in Barcelona. Here’s how.

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Plan Everything Out First

Photo via Pexels

We can assume that those interested in opening a food truck business have worked in a restaurant or behind-the-scenes in a bakery in the past. Having experience is really essential. Without experience in this area, however, you can find an expert on the legal factors for the business including hours, permits, and a formal place in which the truck can be registered. Technically, there is no law against food trucks, yet restrictions do apply. However, there are loopholes that make it possible for them to stay in service. City authorities need to approve of the truck and oversee the usual hygienic checks they get like restaurants. After the legal part, you can move on to the food. It’s important to have something specific in mind to cook. From small paellas to burgers to ice cream, there is plenty to choose from in terms of a specialized cooking experience. It’s best to come up with a food not typically served in those trucks.

Calculate Costs & Routes

Photo via Pixabay

Costs include how much you will pay to set up the business and do the upkeep. You will also have to determine where to drive and how to time your route just right. The logistics are key to the success. This includes the food, utensils, oven and grill, and, the essential part, the van. With the van, look at the engine, how much gas it can take, and how much will it cost to redecorate the exterior. In Barcelona, the size matters in conjunction with the variety of streets. Also, look for the best quality in used vans. Vans from the 1960s and 1970s are popular in the food truck business because they are fairly cheap and easy to fix up. Some on a tighter budget will go for a trailer to haul from the back of the car. Those with some extra money can go with a more contemporary food truck. Crunch the numbers and determine what is affordable for you.

Make A Website To Market Yourself

Photo via Pixabay

A small website and connections via social media can bring attention to the food truck by advertising where you will drive and at what times. Designing up a brand name and a creative logo is part of the attraction. Don’t go bland. Take La Creperie de Martione, for example, and note that their design represents their pride in selling crepes. (And word is they are among the best.) Plus, within the food truck business, even though it’s a competitive venture, the owners tend to have a friendly mood amongst each other because they are proudly independent. Register at Foodtruckya and join the community.

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In Barcelona’s many unique neighborhoods such as  El Raval, Sant Gervasi, and Poblenou, food trucks are quite popular. The legal loopholes are enough for proprietors to drive through the city and sell at certain corners as if they were regular vendors. So if you’re interested in getting started in the business, it’s a great time to go ahead and start up your own food truck. If you drive it, they will come.

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Brian S

Brian Susbielles is a freelance writer who loves global politics, foreign movies, and Led Zeppelin


  • It would’ve been so much better if you could have told us how to get the licensing and what the requirements are.

  • “The legal loopholes are enough for proprietors to drive through the city and sell at certain corners as if they were regular vendors”

    Pretty sure this info is incorrect. You cannot just park up anywhere and sell your wares.

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