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Rowing and Yachting In Barcelona

Written by Brian S

One of the most popular activities in Barcelona is maritime sailing, yachting, and rowing, particularly in competitions. With its clear access into the Mediterranean, Barcelona has multiple clubs that take it seriously and train hard to be the best in their sport on the water. They are part of Barcelona’s sporting culture – inland and at sea – and many locals and tourists come by every year to these clubs for a class with the best in getting involved in the boating/rowing culture.

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Club de Mar Port Olimpic

aerial view of docked yachts in Port. Barcelona stock photo

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Since 1994, the CPMO hosts multiple annual regattas, such as the summer race, Christmas race, and solitary race, and other social activities for club members, including multiple cruises to different destinations. People can become members of the club, which provides benefits to the club’s official partners. They are based at Olympic Port and race every Sunday as the more modern, open club that many people can join.

Real Club Maritimo de Barcelona

Sailboat Race on the Chesapeake Bay stock photo

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A members-only yacht club, it was established in 1881 and is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the country. In their history, they have won over a thousand competitions domestically and internationally, including the first Olympic medal for Spain in 1932, when member Santiago Amat won a bronze in single-person sailing. Based at Barcelona harbor, it stands close to rivals Reial Club Nàutic de Barcelona. The club has 251 docks for yachts and a dry dock to repair sail and motor boats. The club gives sailing and water sports courses as part of their mission to expand the popularity of sailing and rowing to people of all ages.

Reial Club Nàutic de Barcelona

Yacht Racing Crew Hard at Work stock photo

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The rival of Real Club Maritimo de Barcelona, they were founded in 1902 and is acclaimed for their work ethic in competitive races in the city and their work with other clubs, “to develop the fondness for maritime sports, to perform sail and rowing regattas and to promote the progress of shipbuilding.” They are for both adults and children, giving them the desire to love the waters as much as they do in this fun, recreational activity. Even though it is a rigorous activity, this challenges people in a positive sense, connecting them to a different kind of enjoyment they never thought was possible.

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These water sports are as connected to the cultural identity of Catalonia as football is to the entire country of Spain. Any place with a depth of reach as Barcelona has with athletics on both land and sea makes that place a large hub for an all-encompassing field of different events – such as the 1992 Summer Olympics. In the field of maritime activities, these clubs take pride in what they do and what they have done in the past and happily show it off to others who want to know the tricks of the trade.

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