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Best Peruvian Restaurants in l’Eixample

classy ceviche, peruvian dish
Written by Daniella

The district of l’Eixample is one of the most interesting districts in Barcelona. With its gastronomic offer and characteristic monuments, it is one of the most important districts in Barcelona. You will enjoy many types of restaurants from all over the world with extraordinary quality dishes.

Today, this article by ShBarcelona will share the best Peruvian restaurants in l’Eixample with you. Peruvian gastronomy is trendy in Spain, and that is because of its variety and the flavour of its dishes. If you want to know which restaurants are the best Peruvian restaurants in l’Eixample, then keep on reading!

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Discover the most delicious Peruvian cuisine


peruvian dish with fries and salad

Photo via Pixabay

Restaurant Totora is located at Calle Córcega, 235. If you read their menu, you can actually hear, smell, taste andalmost feel the ocean.

They serve a great variety of Peruvian seafood and other fish specialties, while also paying tribute to its more traditional culinary roots.

Some of the delicious dishes that you can order at Totora are: Southern style fried wings in a rocoto (Peruvian red pepper) sauce. Spicy rice, celery and huancaína (a typical sauce), tequeños wrapped in wonton dough and filled with octopus, prawns and squid served with a tartar sauce, octopus with ají panca sauce and mashed potatoes, yellow pepper cream and Andean chimichurri. It’s all finger licking good!

El Dorado Chiken

At El Dorado Chicken, located at Calle Balmes, 122, they are very proud of their Peruvian cuisine, and because of that, they offer a variety of dishes that everyone likes.

Some of its most outstanding dishes are: Ceviche (slices of fish, marinated in lemon, chili and cilantro) with onion, corn and sweet potato; roasted chicken with fries, salad and a special sauces or Tacu tacu a lo macho; or fried rice with beans and seafood in yellow pepper sauce. Sounds interesting, right?

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peruvian dish with red pepper

Photo via Pixabay

Yakumanka combines two of the best culinary worlds: Peruvian cuisine and the Iberian Coast’s best products. The restaurant always follows Gaston’s philosophy, as they faithfully execute the concept of the popular Peruvian cevichería, with Creole style dishes and full plates.

It’s truly a delight to eat seafood at this restaurant, and it is located at Calle Valencia, 207.

Try their different types of ceviche, seafood platters or a wok dish with rice and Criolla Sazón seasoning.

Ceviche 103

At Ceviche 103 you will definitely find the best modern Peruvian cuisine. Dishes that leave its kitchen match its surroundings perfectly. Every dish tells a story and lets you savour gastronomic flavours from 500 years of tradition.

Ceviche 103 throws you a culinary party, and you will be amazed by the effect the food will have on your palate. The restaurant is located at Calle Londres, 103.

You can enjoy a classic Ceviche with cubed seabass, tiger milk, glazed sweet potato, red onion and Peruvian corn; an aphrodisiac ceviche with seabass, snails, tiger milk, glazed sweet potato, red onion and Peruvian corn; or Causa con tartar de oro, a fancy dish with potato, yellow pepper, tuna, quail eggs, yucca and avocado. It all sounds absolutely mouth-watering…

Do you like Peruvian food?

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