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Top 5 Honduran Restaurants in Barcelona

Do you want to know the best Honduran restaurants in Barcelona? Whether you’re craving for or just happen to be curious about the taste and flavor of Honduran cuisine, fortunately, Ciudad Condal has a variety of places where traditional Latin American or Central American gastronomy and culture come together.

For our blog readers who might be interested in Honduran restaurants near you, ShBarcelona is pleased to recommend visiting several Honduran restaurants in Barcelona.

Listed below are some of the best restaurants:

Restaurant Lempira: Comida típica hondureña

For those who may not be familiar, the word “Lempira” is the name of the currency of Honduras to commemorate a warrior hero of the Mesoamerican indigenous people, the Lencas 

The Restaurant Lempira, which is found in the District of Nou Barris, has a cozy environment, accompany with Latin American pop music, Catracho (as Hondurans are also called) wall decorations and a superb customer service.

The venue also has the national flag of Honduras strengthening the identity and authenticity of the culture. Customers and visitors are welcome to pose and take photographs next to the national flag.

El Costeño Restaurante

This eating establishment is located in La Prosperitat neighborhood. According to one of their long-term waitresses, their top three popular dishes are pollo con tajadas, pescado frito and baleadas.

While you’re there, also try the Cena Catracha dish, which is composed of well-cooked eggs, red blended beans, plantain tajadas, cheese, avocado, tortillas with the choice of selecting either (spicy or regular) sausages, bacon or fried chicken.

As a refreshing drink to quench your thirst, you can try their jugo de maracuyá.  

Overall, one can have a very pleasant experience at the restaurant; the Latin food is authentic and undoubtedly very delicious; affordable prices; the staff members are friendly, attentive and the atmosphere is enjoyable.

To find out more information of this eatery, feel free to visit the Facebook page of El Costeño Restaurante.

Bar Restaurante: El Rincón de Honduras

In the neighborhood of Verdun, you will find El Rincón de Honduras. At this restaurant, you can also try out the traditional and highly demanded baleadas, which are home-made style flour tortillas folded in half with the inside containing blended black or red beans, fried eggs, avocado slices, and sometimes with added sour cream and/or shredded or solid, soft white cheese. Yummy indeed!

Try their natural jugo de tamarindo to accompany your meal. While eating, you may also hear the Honduran music, Punta, playing softly in the background. Punta music was created by the Afro-Caribbean or Garífuna people of Honduras. The customer service is excellent and the menu prices are relatively inexpensive.

La Casita del Hondureño

Another Honduran restaurant in Barcelona that is worth visiting is La Casita del Hondureño. This particular spot is located in the neighborhood of Vilapicina, which is also the name of the train station closest to the venue. The blue Line 5 on the metro can take you near the location.

Opening a Honduran cuisine business has a been a long-term dream come true for both current owners.

The place offers a warm, safe and friendly environment for you, family and friends. Customers are welcome to make reservations in advance, as well as if you’re contemplating on celebrating a birthday or any other special occasion.

La Casita also has delivery services to serve and accommodate their clientele.

You can visit their Facebook webpage to find out more details about the restaurant.

Maya Copán: Bar y Restaurante Barcelona

Maya Copán is considered a small Honduras in the neighborhood of El Carmel. With their authentic and tasty dishes, clients may feel as if they have been sent to Central American country just with the appetizing flavor along.

Spanish dishes have also been included in the menu, which is served during the weekdays. Some of their most demanded dishes are tacos flauta, pollo con tajadas and sopa de mondongo.

The menu is not only cost effective, but also the clients are served a generous amount of food. For hours, location, contact information and other details, feel free to visit their Facebook website.

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Jeyzon Fernández

Jey is a Honduran-American journalist full of motivation and curiosity to continue discovering the charms and treasures offered by the beautiful city of Barcelona, and to be able to share them with readers through his articles. He studied Spanish Language and Literature at the State University of New York at Binghamton and Journalism at the University of Barcelona (UB).

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