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International cuisine

Asian “tapas” at By13

Written by Adriana

A few weeks ago opened the By13, owned by Carles Tejedor, Via Veneto restaurant chef (with a Michelin Star), offering a tour of 13 culinary experiences in the form of a “tapa” or a dish without any fire or gas to cook them. His proposal focuses on the flavors, styles and techniques of Asian and Spanish cuisine for diners to explore and enjoy, both to eat and to see how the food is carefully cooked in his “kitchen”.You’ll be amazed at what they can do with just an iron, some steam and some electrical appliances!

What we can eat and drink at By13?

by13When you go to By13 we suggest that between the 3 eating areas (bar surrounds the kitchen, the high tables in the main room, or the dining room), choose the bar, as you can see live how they prepare each “tapa”. You can also choose between three menu options available: the short one at 25 euros per person, the average at 40 euros, or the full at 60 euros, and there are more than 40 dishes in the menu served only at dinner time. In a relaxed atmosphere their menu is introduced with 13 different concepts (hence the name): Cocktail Snacks, Salads, Finger Salad, Salad Cocktail, hot and cold spoon, tartare, steam, BY-13Blinis, Cocoil, Pop-up wind, Ice&Fruit and by-by. Within these concepts are very original and surprising creations such as “no Sangría” done with beer, or cockle foam cones and corn guacamole as starters, as well as salads that come as a very crispy and wrapped as a sandwich in Sardinia thin bread, or beef tartar, tomato and prawns from Palamos, without forgetting the “croqueta” eaten with a spoon, or dumplings bathed in a soup that first you have to smell, or blini fish with different fermentations in the bread dough, slightly crispy on the outside but melted inside, to close everything with a spicy sausage (“sobrasada”) and Mahon cheese cocoil, burger made with an excellent meat, and two quick desserts made with the microwave: cake or chocolate ganache carquinyolis. To accompany this mouthwatering selection you can order a Moritz beer.

Gastroeconomy_BY-13-Carles-Tejedor2-300x300Carles Tejedor, in partnership with former Barça basketball player, Sarunas Jasikevicius, they want to open more stores like this as a low-budget franchise in the preparation of the dishes (without using fire or gas), but with high quality products. Plus the staff only has 2 cooks and 2 waiters working there, so it’s obvious that they prefer “bar style” than being a restaurant. By13 (which is also the former Jasikevicius T-Shirt number) also introduced the “finger food”, a concept borrowed from Asia that Tejedor is a fan of, with no more than 30 people eating simultaneously.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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  • hello, I am planning to visit this bar this summer. I need Saras Jasikevicius phone number.

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