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Where to eat kosher food in Barcelona?

Written by Adriana

Since few years ago jew visitors and tourists that come to Barcelona have no such trouble finding food that meets the requirements of their religion, the famous kosher food. With the opening of many restaurants serving dishes for the Jewish community, and many supermarkets to buy the ingredients and prepare the kosher food at home, they can live within what their religion says about the food even in Barcelona. From ShBarcelona we want to give you the chance to feel yourself at home when you eat at any of this restaurants.

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 Delicias Kosher: This restaurant is owned by a Jewish family and serves traditional kosher cuisine with Mediterranean and European influences (Spain, Italy, Morocco, Hungary, etc.) for Jewish people. On the menu you’ll find a variety of entrees and grilled meats taken from the Jewish tradition cooked under the Kashrut certificate issued by the Chief Rabbi of Barcelona. In its wine menu you’ll find a wide selection of national and international kosher wines. C/Santaló 125.

Maccabi: this restaurant is located in a former bread oven of the seventeenth century called “The Montserratina”. In there you can taste Mediterranean cuisine with a varied menu of traditional kosher dishes. Try the mushroom hummus, Israeli salad “Morad” style or the excellent fish or the meat, all also prepared under the supervision of the Kosher rules. They have take away service for Shabbat as well. Ramblas 74.

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Take away

Isamar kosher offers a wide range of kosher products. You will also fin a slaughter, a bakery and takeaway meals to facilitate your Shabbat. In here you’ll find a grocery store with a great selections of wine and traditionnal kosher products. Avenir, 29. 

Kosher supermarket

The Corté Inglés is composed of a large kosher food department for daily groceries.

For further information about kosher products in Barcelona, check the Chabad House website.

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