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The gastronomic challenge in Barcelona

The gastronomic challenge
Written by Paula

Barcelona is a city that unites a great deal of people from all corners of the world. This wonderful mix of cultures brings about fantastic art, music, traditions and gastronomy.

Today, ShBarcelona is focusing on the belly-filling side of this cultural bonanza, and daring all readers to take their visit to Barcelona as an opportunity to try dishes from as many countries as possible! We are daring you to create a food passport, a.k.a “foodsaport” where you will write down every country you “visit” through your gastronomic experience.

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Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Brazilfood barcelona

Cantinho Brasileiro is a tiny restaurant near Ronda Litoral where you can have delicious Brazilian dishes like picanha and feijoada, and treats like coxinha de galinha, pastel de vento and pão de queijo.

Cantinho Brasileiro is located at Carrer Ample, 43.

If you grew up watching American movies and always wanted to eat at a diner, Bernie’s Diner is the place for you! The retro-looking restaurant will make you feel you are having a meal inside a 70’s movie, enjoying a good old hot dog, or hamburger with fries.

Bernie’s Diner is located at Via Laietana 20, next to Jaume I subway stop.


Les Dues Sicilies  is a tiny restaurant in the Gothic neighborhood that offers pizza by the slice. With their huge slices, thin crust and a variety of toppings, the pizzeria has won the hearts and mouths of many, who grab a slice for the go or sit at one of the few tables available in the establishment. At Dues Sicilies, you can not only taste genuine Italian pizza but other Italian treats such as cannolis.

Dues Sicilies is located at Carrer Carders, 22.


At Mount Everest Restaurant you can try a type of cuisine that is influenced by Asian countries like China and India. This Nepalese restaurant offers spicy dishes like mushroom soup, Lamp Biryani rice, Chana Masala, and Chicken Tandoori.

Mount Everest Restaurant is located at Carrer de Viladomat, 80.


Amalia´s Portuguese Flavours is a cute little restaurant/café where you can try some of Portugal’s typical dishes like Francesinha, codfish with cream, duck rice, and delicious deserts like queijadinhas or the famous pastel de natas.

Amalia’s Portuguese Flavours is located at Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 132.


food barcelona

Pho Bar was founded by Hai Nguyen, who is also the restaurant’s chef, offering traditional Vietnamese dishes like Thit Heo Kho, Cà Rí Chay, and Dau Hü Xào Cà Chua.

Pho Bar is located at Carrer Sepúlveda, 159.

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