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Office Chairs in Barcelona

Written by Laura

Many people work long hours during which they end up sitting in front of computers for the majority of their day, and while this has become the typical work environment, these sedentary habits can prove to be very strenuous and unhealthy for your back. Very few people take the necessary actions, including doing exercises and using the right kind of chair, to ensure that they are not damaging their back with long hours of sitting. It is important to be aware of and address the various health problems that come with sitting for a majority of the day, especially in low-quality office chairs that cause your body to tense up during the day rather than relax. Today in this article from ShBarcelona, we’ll be discussing where to find office chairs in the Ciudad Condal.

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Workplace ergonomics and the importance of a good office chair

Photo via Pixabay

Ergonomics, the discipline of designing work spaces that better your health, integrates both furniture and items for daily work performance, which should be designed to avoid causing any injury. For people who work while sitting for hours at a time, especially in front of a computer, there are basic guidelines you can follow to avoid health problems, specifically those related to the musculoskeletal system. It’s important for your head to be aligned with your torso so that you don’t have to lean too far forward or too far back to sit comfortably. This keeps your whole spine aligned as you work. This requires your computer screen to be at eye level so as not to strain your neck, and annoying reflections on the screen that make it difficult to see should also be avoided. Last but not least, it’s important to use a comfortable and supportive chair that has a soft seat, good lumbar support that adapts correctly to your spine and a headrest that allows you to relax your neck.

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Photo via Pixabay

If you need to buy an office chair, you can start by looking at Sillas Barcelona, located at calle Entença 34 between Gran Via and Sepúlveda. This store offers a large variety of chairs, from steering chairs, adjustable and multifunctional chairs, industrial chairs, models that fold and chair options with headrests. You can also find sofas, couches and stools for your home. There are other chair store options, among them Oficina Total, located at calle Mallorca 65. As its name suggests, this store has everything you need for your office, especially when it comes to furniture, with options such as adjustable furniture, mobile furniture, styles made of metal and other industrial materials, chairs of all styles and reception desks for if you need to furnish your own office or business space. In addition to these options, Ofiprix also specializes in office furniture and can help you to find your ideal office chair. This store can be found at three different locations, at calle Balmes 339-34 within Barcelona and also at Barberà del Vallès and Cornellà de Llobregat, areas close to the Catalan capital. Here you can find everything for your office space: office desks, tables for both conferences and smaller meetings, swivel chairs and chairs designed for better back support. If you are going to be spending hours sitting in a chair at your job, it is worth the investment of a little more money to purchase a model that will help your back, rather than hurt it, in the long run.  

Have you been to any of these office furniture stores? Is there another one you would recommend?

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